Colorfront Launches Transkoder 2016 for Mac

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Tue, 11/01/2016 - 11:19 -- Nick Dager

Colorfront has launched Transkoder 2016 on Mac. The new, 4K-capable system harnesses the same advanced feature sets as the company’s PC-based version and broadens the product’s appeal as an HDR mastering solution for boutique post houses and content service facilities.

Transkoder on Mac was given a special preview at SMPTE 2016 Annual Technical Conference in Hollywood, where Colorfront also showcased its PC-based Transkoder 2016 Update 2, supporting 8K Raw material captured by the latest generation of digital cinematography cameras.

Colorfront Transkoder on Mac runs on the Mac Pro. Key features include UHD video output, Dolby Vision mastering, digital cinema and IMF mastering, plus packaging, QC, analysis and validation tools.

One of the first customers with Colorfront Transkoder on Mac is Color A Go-Go, a digital color finishing and post-production studio, located in San Francisco.

“We provide a full suite of HDR services – from consulting on project pre-production, production and post, through to grading and encoding support – for streamed content providers, such as Amazon and Netflix, as well as HDR digital theater releases in Imax HDR and DCI HDR,” said Kim Salyer, co-founder and EP of Color A Go-Go. "We love Colorfront’s approach with the new, cost-effective Transkoder on Mac. It’s a deep product with a huge feature set, and believe it is a cornerstone that will be of immense value to our developing HDR business.”

Aron Jaszberenyi, managing director of Colorfront, said, “Transkoder is already the HDR mastering tool-of-choice, with a dominant market position amongst major studios. But with the proliferation of both broadcast and streamed content, we recognize that many smaller post houses, such as Color A Go-Go, and content service facilities, need a cost-competitive entry-point.

Transkoder customers include: The Farm, DI Factory, Lucasfilm, Park Road Post, HBO Latin America, Sony, Disney, Fox, Universal, Final Frame, The Foundation, Point 360, Roundabout, Arsenal, Chainsaw, and Picture Shop.