Color Space in Mexico Upgrades DI Capabilities

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Tue, 07/13/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Color Space a newly launched post house in Mexico City has acquired a Northlight 1 film scanner and Baselight HD color grading system from FilmLight as part of its bid to become a market leader in color grading for commercials music videos short films and feature films. The only post-production facility in Mexico focused exclusively on color grading Color Space has made Northlight and Baselight the backbone of a highly flexible digital intermediate infrastructure capable of servicing projects of all types. “With the Northlight scanner and Baselight HD we can provide a complete package of scanning grading and conforming services to our clients ” says Color Space CEO Mariana Martinez. “We can scan 16mm and 35mm film we can import digitally-acquired media and we can output high-quality DI deliverables in any format the project requires.” Earlier this year Martinez and colorist Juan Magaña formed Color Space which is located within the facility of the well-known animation and visual effects house Cluster Studio. Magaña is widely recognized as one of Mexico’s top commercial colorists having won numerous awards for his work for such brands as Renault Banamex Powerade and Frutsi. In addition to servicing advertising projects from across Latin America and the United States Color Space is seeking to tap into its region’s booming feature film market. “We offer great talent and great technology in a relaxed comfortable environment ” Martinez says. Color Space selected the FilmLight products based on Magaña’s previous experience with Baselight. “I’ve been familiar with Baselight since it first arrived in Mexico and have found that it offers the best toolset for grading and conforming—and delivers image quality that is superior to anything else on the market ” Magaña says. “We are very pleased to have Northlight as a complement to Baselight for projects that originate on film. Northlight is the gold standard for film scanning. Its ability to scan virtually any type of film element at resolutions up to 4K allows us to take on any project and deliver a product on par with any facility in the world. Together Baselight and Northlight represent the ultimate solution for DI.” Color Space FilmLight