Close-Up Global Entertainment brings Russian Classic Back to Life

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Sun, 08/29/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Close-Up Global Entertainment has distributed Russian films to the international marketplace for more than 15 years and recently the company decided to bring restoration of their classic films in-house. The company which is housed in a 10 000 square foot warehouse in Brooklyn New York works with major international players including Mosfilm.   With the decision to move restoration services in-house Close-Up Global Entertainment CEO Mikhail Sheydin and his team undertook an in-depth study of current technologies and products.   “We did a lot of research ” Sheydin says.  “We met with all of the companies who offer restoration products and looked at their technologies.  After careful analysis we chose Digital Vision’s DVO. Now that we’ve completed work on some of Russia’s most classic films we feel strongly that we made the right decision.” Their first project completed was Cinderella a sixty-three year old black and white Russian classic.  It was destined to go to Legend Films in San Diego for colorization but it was scratched filthy and missing frames.  Before it could be colorized frame-by-frame restoration was required.  The project has been hailed as a critical and technical triumph. Sheydin says “The DVO interface is flawless.  We’ve been able to economically and efficiently integrate it into a flexible environment.  We don’t have a big staff and the ease of learning the DVO has been extremely important to our operation.  We can quickly add new people to our workflow with only a single supervisor and the Digital Vision team has been there to support us every step of the way.”   Martin Bennett vice president of marketing for Digital Vision says “Looking at the before-and-after shots of this beautiful Russian version of Cinderella is visually powerful.  DVO has delivered flawless work for our clients for years but it is still amazing to see a 1947 Soviet film imagery look this pristine. The work that Close-Up Global Entertainment is doing is stunning and we are proud to be in business with them.” Close-Up Global Entertainment Digital Vision