Cleveland Ballet Turns to Soliddd for Glasses-Free 3D Posters

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Wed, 05/06/2015 - 10:58 -- Nick Dager

Cleveland Ballet in 3DWhen Ohio-based Cleveland Ballet wanted a way to promote itself and stand out from the crowd, they turned to Soliddd Corporation to create glasses-free 3D posters that perfectly fit the innovative ballet company’s goals.

“Our goal was simple,” said Michael Krasnyansky, Ph.D., chairman of the Cleveland Ballet. “We are new, and the technology of 3D printing is new. We are striving to be reckoned with as a cutting edge professional resident ballet company. Soliddd’s 3D technology is poised as the newest thing in printing. Like the Cleveland Ballet, Soliddd is a fierce competitor in the market. Our ethic is as equally relentless to succeed on a professional platform. Our collective passion has parallel goals. Ballet is a remarkable art form worthy of stopping, taking a breath, holding your hand to your heart and saying, ‘Wow, that's incredible!’ Whether it's art on stage or art in 3D, when it takes your breath away, you know people will remember.”

Added Christine Krause, Cleveland Ballet marketing chair, “In marketing, we call it ‘retention through entertainment.’ Our audience was completely entertained watching the ballet and having their photos taken in front of the 3D image. A win-win.”

Using a photograph of 10 ballerinas on pointe by famed Cleveland photographer Jonathan Koslen of New Image Photography, Soliddd transformed the 2D image into a glasses-free 3D image with profound perceived depth. The posters, each with 24 views, allow viewers to see far beyond the perspective offered by normal 2D photography, to understand the relationships in space between dancers and to see more of the artistry of each ballerina to the next, as though the viewer were observing the live scene at the barre.

The demanding print work for the Soliddd posters was done by Duggal Visual Solutions, New York.

“Cleveland Ballet is a young company with seasoned experts at its helm,” said Krause. “Soliddd 3D glasses-free printing is a young technology based on over a century of previous 3D autostereo technologies. The likeness for both of our companies played perfectly to its use. Our expectations as to the public’s reaction to the 3D posters were exceeded in every way possible.”

“Cleveland Ballet is using our unique autostereo technology both to get immediate viewer attention and to hold and engage the viewer with intriguing art that can’t be made any other way,” said Neal Weinstock, CEO of Soliddd Corp. “Unlike any other type of glasses-free 3D print, Soliddd’s technologies deliver crystal clear images with more depth than any previous system. It’s the perfect medium for getting and keeping attention.”