Civolution Adds Validation Program to its NexGuard Techonology

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Sun, 06/27/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Civolution has introduced a formal validation program for its NexGuard forensic marking technology used in digital cinema systems. The new validation tools enable Civolution’s partners that make digital cinema equipment that meets Digital Cinema Initiative specifications to verify and confirm activation and operation of the watermarking technology and correct embedding upon in-theatre projection.
  Forensic marking is essential to help identify the source of illicit in-theatre recording of motion pictures ’’ says Michael Karagosian of MKPE Consulting. This new validation process is an important step in ensuring that fully functional and effective marking is taking place in digital cinema equipment. When implemented in accordance with the DCI specification digital cinema forensic marking provides seamless content tracking for cinema owners and movie studios beyond that available today with film prints.’’
 Along with the certification procedure Civolution provides a quality check software tool that allows easy checking of the NexGuard - Digital Cinema watermarking behavior implemented in a vendor’s server or media block ’’ says Jean-Michel Masson senior vice president watermarking operations Civolution. The new procedure will facilitate product validation and DCI certification for all of our partners and provides transparency to the industry.’’ Civolution