Cineworks in Miami First U.S. Film Lab Certified by Kodak

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Tue, 08/11/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Cineworks Digital Studios in Miami Florida has become the first U.S. laboratory – and the 51st worldwide – to successfully complete Kodak ImageCare Program certification. Since the Kodak program began in 1996 it has now been adopted in 31 countries - from Argentina to Turkey and from the United Arab Emirates to the Russian Federation.   Our goal is to be the highest quality front-end lab on the east coast says Vincent Hogan Jr. laboratory manager of Cineworks. We participate in Kodak's monthly laboratory quality assurance survey in addition to our stringent in-house quality control procedures. Our accreditation in the Kodak ImageCare Program is further proof to our customers that they can trust us to deliver the highest standards in motion picture developing.   Kodak established the ImageCare Program in recognition of the fact that the processing of motion picture film is a sophisticated process. There are complex cycles intermediate film stages and other steps to create optical and digital sound tracks. With the high stakes involved in every film project the negative must be protected processed correctly and handled carefully. The Kodak program sets standards that cinematographers - and the industry - trust.   We're delighted to welcome Cineworks Digital into the Kodak program says Diane Carroll-Yacoby worldwide manager of the Kodak ImageCare Program. Their film processing operations are first-class and we're proud to accredit them as the first ImageCare Camera Negative Processing Laboratory in the United States.   In the Kodak program labs can be accredited for camera negative film processing release printing or both. Each of the three accreditations has its own requirements and once the lab has passed an initial screening reassessment is repeated every year with self-assessment - and other informal Kodak involvement - in between.   People are a key component of the program adds Carroll-Yacoby. The laboratory has to commit to assigning resources to the stringent testing and monitoring of all the different facets of operation as well as to developing skills and knowledge through an aggressive staff training program. Cineworks' commitment to all aspects of the program has positioned them well to meet the expectations of even the most demanding filmmakers.   Cineworks' equipment is state of the art maintained meticulously by the laboratory staff which is one of the most experienced group of lab technicians in North America. Each tech brings no less than 20 years of experience in developing motion picture film. Thecompany's president Vincent Hogan Sr. is a veteran of 30 years in the motion picture laboratory and post-production business.   Over the past years the lab has handled nearly 100 feature films and TV productions for which they've provided a wide range of processing and postproduction services including dailies color grading mastering digital intermediate production and telecine transfers.   We see ourselves as members of the filmmaker's collaborative team says Hogan. All of their vision creativity and hard work go into creating the negative they entrust to us. It's up to Cineworks to help them bring all that to the screen and our membership in the Kodak ImageCare program says they can trust us to do that reliably every time.   Kodak ImageCare