Cineped to unveil 360-Degree Camera Support System at Cine Gear Expo

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Tue, 05/26/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Cineped will unveil the final version of its panoramic 360-degree camera support system at this year’s Cine Gear Expo June 6 at Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood.   More than a dolly or tripod the apparatus features a 42-inch 360-degree rotational sliding camera plate extendable automatic positioning telescopic column digital remote control and a diamond-style mobile base with heavy-duty rubber wheels.  Designed to allow for a wealth of camera angles and image capturing that no other single camera support system can provide – including horizontal and vertical movement panoramic/360-degree movement and compound camera moves – the unit maneuvers effortlessly with fine-tuned virtually noise free operation.   With a weight capacity of 120 pounds the sliding rotational camera plate can carry multiple cameras simultaneously. The telescopic column with a base height of 58 inches (with camera) extends to a height of 74.5 inches.  When the telescopic column is removed a sliding rotational camera plate attaches directly to mobile base for capturing low/ground shots. The mobile base is a mere 27 inches wide for tight shooting spaces. The system includes digital remote control box battery/charger AC/DC converter and low mode adaptor. Including the sliding camera plate (45 pounds) telescopic column (39 pounds) and mobile base (70 pounds) total system weight is only 154 pounds. Cineped