CinemaxX AG Installs Meyer Sound in Hamburg and Copenhagen

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Sat, 11/13/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

CinemaxX AG has installed Meyer Sound Cinema Experience audio systems in two of its premiere screening rooms in Hamburg and Copenhagen.   Based on the Acheron screen channel loudspeakers the Meyer Sound systems are installed in Screen One at Hamburg’s CinemaxX Dammtor (1 001 seats) and Screen One at Denmark’s CinemaxX Copenhagen (754 seats). Both cinemas are also equipped with Sony 4K digital cinema projectors.   “We have created a special movie-going experience that now includes the best in sound along with the ultimate picture quality ” says CinemaxX CEO Christian Gisy. “The Meyer Sound Cinema Experience is in a world of its own. Speech intelligibility is excellent even during action sequences. Also the transition from front to surround is seamless and the low-end is really powerful.   “This specific test in Hamburg may be the beginning of a significant investment ” says Gisy “because based on early audience reactions we expect more screens to follow during the next months.”   Both systems were installed by Düsseldorf-based Film Ton Technik Rüttgers (FTT). Egon Gräfen general manager of FTT says “FTT is excited to be working with Meyer Sound to provide powerful linear cinema sound systems to CinemaxX and in other thrilling projects together in the future. Meyer Sound's commitment to high quality sound technical expertise and comprehensive support makes it an ideal partner for FTT as we endeavor to provide a competitive edge in the cinema exhibition marketplace.   The system installed at CinemaxX Dammtor comprises three Acheron screen channel loudspeakers each augmented by an Acheron LF loudspeaker in addition to six X-800C subwoofers 20 HMS-10 surround loudspeakers six MM-4XP miniature loudspeakers and a Galileo loudspeaker management system with two Galileo 616 processors.   The cinema in Copenhagen uses three Acheron 100 screen channel speakers each supplemented by a single Acheron LF loudspeaker. The system also includes six X-800C subwoofers 26 HMS-10 surround loudspeakers and a Galileo loudspeaker management system with two Galileo 408 processors. ,2081
Santa Rosa Entertainment Selects GDC Servers for Blue Oaks Cinema 16 
,2010-11-14, The Santa Rosa Entertainment Group has selected GDC servers for its 3 000-seat booth-less digital cinema project at its new Blue Oaks Cinema 16 multiplex in Rocklin California. The equipment will be installed by Portland Oregon-based American Cinema Equipment. Blue Oaks Cinema 16 was slated to open in November. The Tocchini family has had a long history of innovation in theatre exhibition. In the 1920s its Strand Theatre showed the first “Talkies” in Santa Rosa. Today SR Entertainment Group operates designs builds and renovates many state-of-art theatres and the family tradition of innovation continues with its new groundbreaking booth-less Blue Oak Cinema 16.
  “The compact nature of digital cinema technology lends itself to innovative design possibilities ” says Larry Jacobson owner of Digital Cinema Development the theatre design company responsible for transforming the old Mervyns’ store into the Blue Oaks Cinema 16. “Mounting the projectors on lifts at the rear of the auditoriums creates a very cost effective solution.”
  “The cost savings we realized by converting the old Mervyns’ store would not have been possible without the digital cinema technology and booth-less solution ” says Dan Tocchini president and CEO of SR Entertainment Group. “This savings enabled us to install best of breed furnishings and equipment. GDC’s digital server solution was a natural fit.”
 “It is a pleasure to announce GDC as our digital cinema server provider for our new Blue Oaks location. GDC is a leader in the digital cinema server field with a reputation for outstanding service and consistent technological advances ” says Neil Pearlmutter vice president of operations and new development of SR Entertainment Group. “GDC’s ‘future-proof’ solution will allow Blue Oaks to remain contemporary for years to come.”
 “We are proud that SR had the confidence in us and picked GDC as the sole server provider for this trendsetting project. The Blue Oaks cinema design is a first in the industry and GDC is honored to be associated with SR and Larry Jacobson boasting such innovations ” says Dr Man-Nang Chong founder and CEO of GDC Technology. “GDC is a firm believer in innovation and we look forward to working with SR and Larry in the near future.” ,2085
Screenvision National Amusements Expand Their Ad Relationship,2010-11-14, Screenvision and Massachusetts-based National Amusements have announced a long-term expansion of their in-theatre advertising relationship. 
 Through the agreement Screenvision retains exclusive selling rights to the on-screen preshow across National Amusements’ 34 movie theatre locations representing 455 screens in the U.S. operating under the Showcase Multiplex and Cinema de Lux brands in New York Boston Philadelphia Cincinnati Hartford/New Haven and Providence. Screenvision will have non-exclusive in-lobby promotions selling rights across the National Amusements’ US theaters.  In addition Screenvision will integrate their pre show content to the digital 4K cinema projection equipment being rolled out at National Amusements over the next several months.  
The Screenvision cinema-advertising network includes more than 15 000 screens in over 2 400 theatre locations across all 50 states and 93 percent of DMAs nationwide; delivering through more than 150 theatrical circuits including 10 of the top 15 exhibitor companies.
“Expanding our relationship with National Amusements was a top-priority for Screenvision.  National Amusements’ footprint is of great value to Screenvision and ensures we will continue to reach a vast audience with our first-rate preshow ” says Darryl Schaffer executive vice president exhibitor relations Screenvision.  “This deal along with our recently signed long-term exhibitor agreements with Carmike Cinemas Marcus Theatres Rave Motion Pictures Harkins Theatres and Malco Theatres further solidifies Screenvision’s strong exhibitor network.”
 John Bilsborough senior vice president operations National Amusements says “We are pleased to continue our partnership with Screenvision and look forward to growing our advertising base by developing new and innovative approaches to on-screen advertising and in-theatre promotions. We are proud to be part of this first class advertising network.”
 Screenvision ,2086
SMPTE Releases Two New Digital Cinema Products,2010-11-14,As the conversion of theaters to digital infrastructures grows globally the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers has released two digital cinema products designed to standardize workflows and ensure a consistent movie-going experience: the Digital Leader product for post-production and the Digital Projection Verifier product for theatres. The products both are based on the SMPTE RP 428-6-2009 recommended practice standard. “As the digital cinema rollout accelerates there is a critical need for standardized workflows ” says Barbara Lange executive director of SMPTE. “SMPTE worked with more than 300 people from multiple sectors of the industry to ensure that new these products provide high-value interoperable performance across the production-to-display chain.” The new SMPTE Digital Leader product allows post facilities to add leaders and/or footers to D-Cinema Distribution Master reels prior to encoding and encryption thereby facilitating reliable and efficient downstream digital master creation and quality assurance. The product features eight- and four-second head and foot leaders for a full quality-control check and supports a comprehensive range of aspect ratios and frame rates. It also provides 2D and 3D support where applicable. The Digital Leader product is available on a pre-loaded hard drive with TIFF and WAV files for each variant. The SMPTE DProve product addresses a key issue for digital cinema operators: the need for a simple and reliable tool to check critical parameters such as digital projector performance alignment masking and picture-sound synchronization. Like the Digital Leader product it includes all quality-control parameters and a comprehensive range of variants. It supports both the JPEG Interop and SMPTE 429-2:2009 (2010) standards to verify backward and forward compatibility with digital-cinema servers from multiple manufacturers. The DProve product also makes it easy for non-engineering personnel to check the health of their systems. Packaged on a flash-memory drive it uses standard key-based encryption to unlock its features. Theatre operators can then set it to perform one-time or looping sequences for regular confidence checks of their venues. Both new products are available directly from SMPTE: the Digital Leader and DProve products both carry a three-year license. Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers ,2087
AAM Reaches Two Rollout Deals in France,2010-11-21,Arts Alliance Media has reached non-exclusive long-term agreements with two distributors for digital cinema rollout in France. MK2 Distribution and DistriB Films have become the first French independent distributors to support the DCI-compliant rollout by signing up to 10 year commitments. Both distributors will provide feature films in digital format and will make provisional contributions towards the digital cinema deployment costs of AAM-deployed screens. The terms of the agreement adhere to the recent legislation passed in France outlining the framework for distributors' contribution to the digitization of screens.  This milestone within the independent sector represents a significant step forward towards the successful conversion to digital within the French cinema industry. In November 2007 the first European cinema chain France’s CGR Cinemas signed up with AAM to convert 100 percent of its 400 screens to digital. This deployment is now complete and AAM is working towards the digitization of complexes belonging to independent exhibitors. The agreements with MK2 and DistriB Films cover all screens installed by Arts Alliance Media in France. Isabelle Nerin sales manager distribution of AAM says “We are very proud to be the first deploying entity to sign long term VPF deals with French distributors. This shows that our offer is adaptable to all types of films and distribution practices. Signing established distributors such as MK2 as well as new and upcoming companies like DistriB Films will ensure that a wide diversity of films is available in digital for AAM’s exhibitor clients.” Matthieu Bardel CEO of DistriB Films says “We are extremely pleased to be the first distributor in France to sign a long term partnership with Arts Alliance Media which with CGR has been the pioneer of digitisation in France. As a new distributor we are delighted to jump directly to digital distribution and look forward to the benefits this provides.” DistriB Films plans to distribute eight to ten films per year. Nathanaël Karmitz CEO of MK2 says “We’re delighted to have signed this agreement with AAM which will allow us to contribute to the digitisation of French cinemas using a reliable business model in accordance with the CNC legislation.” Gwendal Auffret AAM’s senior vice president of digital cinema says “Now that the law on digital projection has been voted upon all the elements are in place for French distributors to join AAM’s initiative and help French cinemas digitize quickly and on a large scale.” France is currently one of the leading territories in Europe for digital conversion and has the largest number digital screens as well as the largest number of 3D screens in Western Europe. AAM signed CGR Cinemas one of France’s largest chains with 400 screens to its rollout scheme in 2007. AAM also has existing VPF deals with five Hollywood studios. Arts Alliance Media ,2092
American Film Market Attendance Rose by Six Percent,2010-11-21,The 2010 American Film Market ended last week and reported that overall attendance had increased by six percent – 7 695 to 7 246 – over the previous year.  Buying companies increased by one percent 664 compared with 658 last year. Buying executives remained nearly on par with last year at 1 417 versus 1 419. “The positive feeling in the halls is a direct result of production levels that are now in balance with marketplace demand ” says AFM managing director Jonathan Wolf who also serves as executive vice president of the Independent Film & Television Alliance.  “Buyers are pre-buying assuring they will have a steady flow of films which in turn assures producers that their films have been pre-accepted by the marketplace.” Attendance among exhibitor-affiliated participants (including their executives producers talent and guests) finished at 3 321 down one percent from last year.  Industry attendees a category that includes all non-buyers/sellers jumped 23 percent to a record 1 988.  Rounding out the other categories are guests (government officials NGOs AFI FEST filmmakers etc.) up 11 percent to 753 and press also 11 percent higher to 216. Countries with more buyers at the AFM this year included Italy Sweden Russia China and Singapore. Fewer buyers came from Netherlands Spain Argentina and Brazil. A full analysis of the 2010 AFM buyers is attached. Sellers meanwhile decreased seven percent to 343 an across-the-board decline with no major shifts among countries. Others AFM highlights included: 427 films 43 world premieres 306 market premieres 21 films screened in 3D Films from 36 countries More than 700 total screenings American Film Market ,2093
Digital Media Bank Launched,2010-11-22,Omar Kaczmarczyk has announced the launch of Digital Media Bank which it says is the world's first film and television distributor structured after the service model of a bank. The result the company says is a comprehensive distribution and marketing engine for independent filmmakers. Digital Media Bank is a strategic partnership between Kaczmarczyk's LongTale GoDigital Media Group and ContentBridge Systems. Similar to a traditional bank DMB will accept deposits of rights from copyright owners. Digital Media Bank will then manage and exploit these rights through extensive global licensing much in the way a bank generates a return on principal by lending its deposits. All assets and transactions will be managed via an online dashboard which provides producers with access to bank-like value-added services for a fee such as marketing advertising and PR. At Digital Media Bank filmmakers take control of their intellectual property says Kaczmarczyk. Producers can direct a powerful combination of proven industry experts to execute the distribution and marketing of their films while enjoying complete insight into the process. Digital Media Bank ,2098
Fifth Annual HPA Award Winners Announced,2010-11-22,The Hollywood Post Alliance has presented the Fifth Annual HPA Awards. The HPA Awards honor the best of the best talent working behind the scenes in motion pictures television and commercials.  A number of special awards for Engineering Excellence Lifetime Achievement and Creativity and Innovation were handed out. The winners of the 2010 Hollywood Post Alliance Awards are: Outstanding Color Grading using a DI process – Feature Film “Alice in Wonderland”               Stefan Sonnenfeld // Company 3 Outstanding Color Grading – Television   “The Pacific – Episode Five” Steve Porter // Riot Outstanding Color Grading – Commercial    AT&T “Legends”             Siggy Ferstl // Company 3 Outstanding Editing – Feature Film “Inception” Lee Smith A.C.E. Outstanding Editing – Television “Lost – The End” Mark J. Goldman Christopher Nelson A.C.E.  Stephen Semel A.C.E.  and Henk van Eeghen A.C.E. // Touchstone Television Outstanding Editing – Commercial American Express Geoffrey Canada Chris Franklin // Big Sky Editorial Outstanding Sound – Feature Film     “District 9” Michael Hedges Gilbert Lake Brent Burge and Chris Ward // Park Road Post Production Outstanding Sound – Television     “House – Help Me” Brad North Joe DeAngelis Luis Galdames and Jackie Oster // Universal Sound Outstanding Sound – Commercial   Devil “Theatrical Trailer #1” David Brolin // Universal Studios Phil Daccord // Giaronomo Outstanding Compositing – Feature Film “Avatar” Erik Winquist Robin Hollander Erich Eder and Giuseppe Tagliavini // Weta Digital Outstanding Compositing - Commercial Kia Soul “This or That” Diramid Harrison Murray Russell Dodgson Tim Osborne and Adam Rowland // Framestore SPECIAL AWARDS Lifetime Achievement Award: Ted Gagliano President of 20th Century Fox Feature Post Production Engineering Excellence Award: ALEXA Arnold + Richter Cine Technik (ARRI) Open EXR workflow Digital Vision Davio processor Cine-tal Judges Award for Creativity and Innovation nextLAB Mobile FotoKem Custom Image Processing Reliance MediaWorks GLoW Gradient Effects OUTPOST and LIGHTSTREAM Light Iron Digital Hollywood Post Alliance ,2099
Howland Chose K-Tek Klassic for Independent Film,2010-11-22,LA-based sound mixer Chris Howland chose the K-Tek Klassic Graphite Boom Pole for the independent feature 2 Million Stupid Women co-produced and shot by Jay Holben. Howland who started in production sound five years ago says his first major gear purchases were the K-Tek 202CCR Boom Pole and the K-SM Shock Mount as well as the K-Tek K-Zepp-M Wind Protection System. “The Boom is very light and very consistent ” he says. “It is so smooth that I don’t have to think about the gear while shooting. I can stay focused on the shot which on any indie set has a tendency to change without notice. When you are involved in such a collaborative creative process it really helps to work in a way that allows everyone the ability to make creative decisions ‘on the fly’. The durability and usability of the K-Tek products allow me to do that.” “The Boom pole has different configuration options that allow me to customize it for different types of jobs ” he says. “For ENG and fast moving Indie movie sets like 2 Million Stupid Women I can use the internally coiled XLR cable and outfit the pole with a plug on wireless transmitter. For typical feature shoots where page counts are lower and more precision is needed I can use the flow through cable system which takes a little more time to work with but features a quieter operation.” The indie feature 2 Million Stupid Women has just been released on DVD and is the first case study for Filmmaker in a Box ( which offers an in-depth definitive and uncensored case study on the making of the entire production. K-Tek ,2101
OConnor Supports Modern Family,2010-11-22, Cinematographer James Bagdonas ASC has chosen OConnor fluid heads to support the new season of Modern Family. OConnor’s stability and high performance allows the show’s operators to capture those on-the-fly moments key to the mockumentary style of the production. “I’ve been using OConnor fluid heads my entire career ” says Bagdonas. “I’ve had them on Lois and Clarke The Guardian Chicago Hope and Boston Legal. With my last two shows they have become the only head we use. For the style of this show we decided to shoot with Panavised F35 cameras and either Primo or Optimo zooms.” “With having to whip pan constantly our operators need to keep one hand on the zoom lens at all times for constant changes ” he says. “The fluid head is the only answer. With OConnor’s superior balance at any angle these moves are possible. With many of the new camera systems the lenses usually outweight the camera. Only the OConnor will handle this with no problem.” “Many of the shots are not rehearsed and at times the operators even have to grab the focus knob ” Bagdonas adds. “A good example would be the Dumphy kitchen scenes. We usually have four to six people all moving about the business of the day going into the refrigerator getting something from the cabinets. In this fray we sometimes try to go for their hands or pan with a look to a POV and other opportunities that just ‘happen.’ That’s where the 2575 is essential. No other fluid head has such great balance through a wide range of motion. At times I change to the new OConnor 120 EX head especially on the heavier zoom lenses. For a head that was designed to carry more weight this 120 EX still gives you a lightweight feel.” OConnor ,2103
Moving Pictures Acquires Miss Nobody and Mayor Cupcake,2010-11-22, Moving Pictures Film & TV has acquired the worldwide rights to the dark comedy Miss Nobody and the family film Mayor Cupcake. Gary Hirsch senior acquisitions executive and Robert Yu vice president of acquisitions for MPF&TV handled the deals.
MPF&TV also announced the hiring of Stephanie Slack as senior vice president of worldwide sales and distribution where she will focus on building MPF&TV’s worldwide television distribution business.  
  “Moving Pictures Film & TV is rapidly expanding and dedicating capital to acquiring rights to highly commercial titles including our most recent acquisition of the dark romantic comedy Miss Nobody and the family-friendly Mayor Cupcake ” says Ted Chalmers Moving Pictures president of worldwide sales. “We are glad to have Stephanie on board as she brings experience working with sales teams and producers at major studios as well as in the independent world.”
 Miss Nobody tells the story of an unlucky in love secretary (Leslie Bibb) whose life is forever changed when a serendipitous promotion gone wrong sets in motion an unintended set of events. Also starring Adam Goldberg Kathy Baker Missi Pyle Brandon Routh Vivica Fox and Barry Bostwick the film has been an official selection at several festivals including 2010 Seattle International Film Festival 2010 Boston Film Festival (Leslie Bibb Best Actress; Miss Nobody Best Ensemble Cast) and 2010 Austin Film Festival.
 Mayor Cupcake is a light comedy following a hardworking cupcake maker (Lea Thompson) who is inadvertently elected mayor of her small town. She relies on her street smarts as well as the help of other locals including Judd Nelson and Zoey Deutch (The Suite Life on Deck) to turn the debt-crushed town around.
  Slack joins MPF&TV from 20th Century Fox’s Television distribution group where she held the position of vice president international television since 2006. Previously she was head of the sales division at PorchLight Entertainment where she spent eight years of her career.
New Films International Acquires Burning Palms,2010-11-22,New Films International has acquired the worldwide rights to Christopher B. Landon's Burning Palms which features an ensemble cast including Zoe Saldana Dylan McDermott Paz Vega and Rosamund Pike. Burning Palms is a dark comedy that interlaces five stories set in different Los Angeles neighborhoods where no taboo is left unexplored as each character careens toward a dark and often comic fate. Nesim Hason president of New Films International and New Films Cinema says We are excited to be distributing Burning Palms Worldwide and we are planning the US theatrical release for early 2011. The overall deal between New Films and the producers was finalized right after the film's World Premier at the Newport Beach Film Festival by Ron Gell New Films chief content officer Oren Segal producer of Burning Palms and brokered by Straw Weisman. Gell says Burning Palms is a smart independent cast-driven film that we expect will be a breakout film in the US theatrically and deliver in the International marketplace. Segal says Burning Palms is a daring film. Writer director Christopher B. Landon delivered a powerful narrative with performances from an incredibly strong cast. Burning Palms is an experience that audiences will never forget. ,2105
AAM Arqiva to Provide Satellite Service for all Odeon and UCI Cinema Screens,2010-11-22,Arts Alliance Media and partners Arqiva Satellite and Media have announced a deal to equip all of the Odeon and UCI Cinemas Group screens in mainland Europe with satellite service. The deal covers over 1 000 screens across 100 sites in five territories – Austria Germany Italy Portugal and Spain. All sites will be fitted with Arqiva’s professional satellite receive equipment and will allow cinemas to take electronic delivery of digital content including Digital Cinema Packages of feature films trailers and advertising as well as to receive live content via Arqiva’s Digital Cinema Platform on satellite IS905. Howard Kiedaisch CEO of Arts Alliance Media says “We’re thrilled to be working with Odeon and UCI the largest cinema operator in Europe and being able to bring them the true benefits of digital cinema with full electronic DCP delivery as well as secure reliable alternative content events to their audiences from the same system.“ Barrie Woolston commercial director at Arqiva Broadcast and Media says “This deal is another vote of confidence for Arqiva’s expertise in satellite and we’re delighted to be working with AAM to bring our professional equipment and satellite infrastructure to so many screens in such a leading cinema group. Odeon’s support for satellite rollout in their real estate demonstrates it really is the way forward for digital cinema.” Drew Kaza executive vice president of digital development for Odeon and UCI Cinemas says “This deal is a great step along the digital road for Odeon across Europe. We’re excited to be delivering more of digital’s perfect quality whether with film or special events from music to sport for all of our discerning guests.  We have confidence that the partnership with AAM and Arqiva will help keep us at the forefront in delivery solutions for digital cinema well into the future.” Arts Alliance Media ,2106
OptiTrack S250e Motion Capture Camera Now Available ,2010-11-22, The OptiTrack S250e motion capture camera is now available. The company says the S250e is the first full-featured Ethernet motion capture camera in the world for under $2 000. 

 OptiTrack has always offered the most affordable motion capture technology on the market says Jim Richardson NaturalPoint co-founder and lead engineer for the OptiTrack motion capture line. With the release of the S250e we are reshaping the CG production landscape coupling that aggressive pricing strategy with a continued investment in core optics and image processing technology. The result is a motion capture camera that offers unprecedented performance for its price point. 

 The S250e offers 250 FPS capture SVGA resolution expansive field of view on-board image processing software-controlled IR filter switching and some of the most advanced M12 lenses in the world all housed in a compact aluminum and soft-touch polycarbonate case. 
The S250e motion capture camera is available immediately for $1 899. OptiTrack ,2107
Lord David Puttnam Wins RAAM’s 2011 International Award,2010-11-22, Lord David Puttnam award-winning producer and president of the UK Film Distributors’ Association has been chosen to receive RAAM 2011 International Award. The award recognizes an individual or individuals whose body of work in the film industry celebrates significant international achievements and contributions to the British cinema industry. 
 Roger Pollock international executive vice president Paramount Pictures and RAAM advisory board member says “David Puttnam spent thirty years as an independent film producer.  His many award-winning films include The Mission the Killing Fields Local Hero Chariots of Fire Midnight Express Bugsy Malone and the Memphis Belle. He retired from film production in 1998 and he now focuses on his work in education and the environment.  Most recently he was made president of the FDA. David was awarded a CBE in 1982 received a Knighthood in 1995 and was appointed to the House of Lords in 1997. In France he has been honored as a Chevalier Officer and most recently Commander of Arts and Letters. In the opinion of the Board he was the natural choice to receive the RAAM International award in 2011.”
 Last year’s recipient was Danny Boyle and previous recipients include Lord Attenborough Michael Wilson Barbara Broccoli Peter Bart Millard Ochs and Andrew Cripps.
  Tim Richards CEO of Vue Entertainment and long serving member of the RAAM advisory board says “On the back of another record year for the UK and Irish cinema industry the 2011 awards will once again celebrate an exciting year in the UK and Irish cinema business. Despite the current industry challenges 2010 has been another positive year for cinema in the UK and Ireland. We have a lot to celebrate as a result of great movie experiences which has led to one of the highest attendances in the past 40 years. UK box office is on course to once again exceed £1billion in ticket sales this year.”
 The RAAM Awards will be presented in London in February 2011. RAAM Awards ,2108
Wanda International Cinema Upgrades Sound Systems,2010-11-22,Wanda International Cinema the largest cinema company in China has secured a partnership with Harman Professional’s Chinese distributor Advanced Communications Equipment to equip 20 new cinemas with JBL speakers and Crown amplifiers. In total 183 cinemas will be completed with JBL 4732/3732 3-way line arrays JBL 8340 cinema surround speakers and JBL 4642A/4645C subwoofers all powered by Crown DSi 1000 2000 and 4000 series amplifiers by the end of 2010. “With the blooming development in Chinese cinema this is a great opportunity for Wanda and Harman ” says Thomas Marcher North Asia sales director Harman Professional.  “We know in the near future with the increasing demand for premium sound and video high-end cinema will expand into all cities throughout China.  With this partnership we are further establishing Harman as the standard for Chinese cinema.” Owning more than 400 screens in most Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities throughout China Wanda International Cinema earned nearly one billion RMB at the box office in 2009 – the highest among cinematic companies in China.  The company has expanded at a rate of nearly 100 screens per year and hopes to double the rate in 2010 and beyond.   Crown JBL ,2111
Revenge of the Electric Car gets Unique Promotion,2010-11-22, WestMidWest Productions announced today that it will premiere the trailer of its new movie Revenge of the Electric Car exclusively on Facebook as soon as its Facebook Fan page acquires its 10 000th fan. The company produced the 2006 documentary Who Killed the Electric Car?

 Revenge of the Electric Car is the new feature documentary about electric cars by director Chris Paine. Slated for release in early 2011 the movie tells a new story of the global resurgence of electric vehicles and takes audiences behind the closed doors of Nissan GM and the Silicon Valley start-up Tesla Motors: documenting the high-stakes race to be the first to bring electric vehicles to the masses.

 As the film’s most loyal fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of a trailer the filmmakers have promised today to post the world premiere of the film’s first trailer on the film’s Facebook Fan Page at when the page reaches 10 000 fans.   Not yet seen publically when the video is posted on the page it will be the first and only public place to view the trailer. 

The decision to release the trailer on Facebook comes after four years of connections with fans of Who Killed the Electric Car? have been scattered across all mediums. Fans of Paine’s first documentary on electric cars have been in touch with the filmmakers through email phone the film’s website Facebook Twitter community groups non-profit organizations and more. “We’ve developed a loyal and passionate community of electric car enthusiasts environmentalists and other fans of Who Killed the Electric Car? over the years ” says Paine. “It only makes sense to share the first public release of the trailer with fans and friends first through an outlet where they connect to each other.”

 The filmmakers have also added features to the Revenge of the Electric Car website that allow those die-hard fans of electric cars to connect including submitting stories of fans who have taken revenge for the electric car by converting their own car or starting an electric car business; and even a way to request the film in your city.

 WestMidWest Productions is a Chicago-based film production company. ,2112
XDC and Reel Cinemas Agree to Deploy 57 Digital Screens in UK,2010-11-22,UK exhibitor Reel Cinemas and digital cinema service company XDC have agreed on the terms for a deployment of 57 digital cinema systems at 15 cinemas. K.C. Suri managing partner of Reel Cinemas says We made the decision for XDC because they offered the most comprehensive solution available today on the market: simple and efficient financing structure clear and transparent business model keen technological expertise. With the help of XDC we are able to complete a full roll out within a reasonable short time frame which allows our circuit to benefit from the advantages of digital cinema: 3D experience alternative content programs operational cost savings. Serge Plasch XDC's chief executive officer says Having this first VPF deal in UK is for XDC a very strategic milestone since UK has always been a key market for cinema business. Reel Cinemas is a respected exhibition circuit and we are very proud to have been selected for their digital roll out plan. This agreement also demonstrates the solidity of our business model which is the only one able to offer agreement with all the six majors US studios available financing from BNP Paribas Fortis and advanced knowledge in digital cinema technology ''. David Pope XDC's director UK operations adds It really has been a pleasure working with Kailash Suri and Reel Cinemas to develop a digital cinema solution to suit their exact requirements. I am looking forward to our UK operation starting the role out and supporting Kailash and his team with a seamless transition to digital maintaining the extremely high quality operation and outstanding entertainment service that Reel have provided to the public over the years. Under the terms of the agreement with XDC Reel Cinemas will install Series 2 DCI-compliant Barco digital projection systems. Reel Cinemas will also implement a fully integrated and networked solution across the circuit using XDC's theatre management system and central library the XDC's CineStore Plaza. A content delivery network will also be implemented by XDC in order to allow distributors to deliver films directly by satellite and/or broadband connection to the cinemas as well as to give the opportunity to Reel Cinemas to perform live 2D and 3D transmissions.