Cinemark Barco Work to Expand Latin American Digital Cinema Market

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Tue, 05/26/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Texas-based Cinemark International has deployed Barco DP-2000 projectors into more than 25 Cinemark multiplexes throughout Mexico Central and South America including major cities in Argentina Chile Peru Guatemala Panama Colombia Ecuador and Brazil. 

This ongoing deployment encompasses both small and large exhibitors throughout Latin America. CineColombia the largest Colombia-based exhibitor is rolling out 3D screens throughout the country. With a plan to replace 100 percent of their projectors with digital they have already upgraded screens in Cali Bogota and Medellin. 
 Miami-based Barco agents Magna-Tech Electronic Company and Cinema Equipment specialize in the Latin American market integrating Barco projectors in multiple Latin American countries. Magna-Tech recently converted four multiplexes to Barco digital cinema projection for E. De Veer Theatres in Aruba and Curacao for a total of 24 digital screens in the Caribbean. Steven Krams president of Magna-Tech says “We service supply and design installations all over the world and the Latin American market in particular is dominated by small and medium size businesses. In some cases second and third generation families own these theatres. With the De Veers cinema circuit we've built a very personal relationship and we've been part of the theatre planning cycle from the inception.” “Creating those relationships is fundamental in bringing a decision to the table and in what products to choose. Your recommendations are taken quite seriously. One more element is also key ” Krams says “in that you are providing a product which is of the highest quality and the end user is satisfied. You put those elements together with the manufacturer supplier and end-user and you have a dynamic relationship.” 

 “Partnering with these superb organizations throughout the Americas in 2D and 3D applications continues to be a rewarding experience for Barco and our clients ” says Scott Freidberg Barco's vice president of sales for digital cinema “These relationships are based soundly on the principles that our division represents — innovation quality leadership customer service and comprehensive training.” 
 Todd Hoddick vice president of digital cinema for Barco North America says “One significant driving force in addressing the needs of the Latin American market has been 3D which is where we shine with the right amount of light for your screens simple 2D/3D switchover and beautiful image quality. We're leading the evolution of digital cinema into this new realm of 3D and the success is clearly evident not just in Latin America but on a worldwide basis.”