Cinema Scene Marketing Network Reaches 170 Locations

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Thu, 08/12/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Cinema Scene Marketing has announced that its Digital Media Network has grown to 170 locations which account for an estimated 2 250 theatre screens across the US. The network now has more than 400 TrailerVision displays in 170 theatres offering studios and brands the potential to reach over 115 million moviegoers annually. Supported by NEC hardware Cinema Scene’s TrailerVision units play unique content including digitally enhanced movie trailers living posters and corporate ads complete with stereo sound and Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity with mobile users. “We continue to revolutionize the way studios and brands connect with moviegoers in the increasingly important theatre lobby. Advertisers find great value in our lobby network because it is interactive — almost personal — and research is confirming TrailerVision has greater recall when compared to traditional marketing vehicles available in the lobby space ” says Brad Derusseau chief technology officer of Cinema Scene Marketing. Recent installations into Carmike Cinemas Pacific Theatres Muvico Theaters and Rave Motion Pictures continue to broaden the network’s nationwide footprint and further Cinema Scene’s growth closer to its goal of 1 000-plus devices upon network completion. Cinema Scene Marketing