Cinema Anywhere on Display at Cannes Film Festival

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Tue, 05/15/2018 - 11:44 -- Nick Dager

The patented technology Cinema Anywhere, a public screening platform from Israeli start-up Muvix, is on display at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Cinema Anywhere provides public screening as a service, and enables on-demand screening of any content in any public place, indoors and outdoors. During the festival, Muvix will operate a smart cinema in the Israeli pavilion, where films of Israeli filmmakers will be screened to festival visitors.

Film screenings inside the pavilion and market place present a challenge as the area is used for business and professional meetings in parallel to screening and it is essential to maintain an efficient and pleasant work environment.

Muvix enables silent screening by allowing every visitor to the Israeli pavilion to connect to the screened film by using the Muvix application on his or her Smartphone. The visitors can choose the desired film language from available dubbing options and by using personal headphones, hear a high-definition soundtrack, perfectly synchronized with the video on the large screen, without interference from and to the environment. This enables a perfect viewing experience while maintaining a quiet central space.

Muvix is the result of cooperation between the State of Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Israeli Pavilion and Muvix.

"The Muvix Cinema Anywhere platform enables on-demand screening and consumption of content in a variety of public places, both indoors and outdoors,” says Nithai Barzam, Muvix CEO. “A hotel rooftop, your neighborhood park and your favorite restaurant or bar can become a smart Cineplex, screening multiple movies and content in parallel and in different languages with high quality audio delivered directly to the viewers and without disturbing the environment."

In addition, specifically for film markets, the Cinema Anywhere platform enables efficient and optimized screenings on site. With the Muvix platform, film markets can now screen multiple films with theater quality (pre-selected or on-demand) in the same space and at the same time, with no interference to or from the surrounding environment. "We can easily create a Smart Cineplex on site (or at a nearby location), with dynamic screens and seating arrangement for any number of screening spaces, each serving any number of viewers," says Barzam.