Cinedigm OTT Channels Now on Amazon

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Tue, 12/08/2015 - 11:35 -- Nick Dager

Cinedigm’s over-the-top streaming channels – Dove Channel, CONtv and Docurama – are now available to Amazon Prime members as part of Amazon’s new Streaming Partners Program.  Prime members can view Cinedigm’s channels with the Amazon Video app available across hundreds of devices.  

Cinedigm channels included as part of Amazon video add-on subscriptions include:

Dove Channel is targeted to the faith and family audience and offers meaningful mainstream movies, independent films and documentaries, to heartwarming TV series and children’s programs. All of Dove Channel’s carefully curated content reflects the time-honored standards of The Dove Foundation and its trusted Faith & Family Seal of Approval.

ConTV caters to the enormous and avid Comic Con audience.  The channel currently boasts 2,500 hours of original programming, curated films and TV episodes, and exclusive Comic Con panel coverage from dozens of annual nationwide conventions. 

Docurama has a library of over 1,200 titles, including full-length and short-form documentaries, non-fiction TV programming, and behind-the-scenes interviews.

With over 40 million households currently using Amazon Prime, or nearly 40% of all American households, the distribution arrangement will significantly extend and expand the potential subscriber base of Cinedigm’s OTT channels.

“We are thrilled that our three channels are part of Amazon’s Streaming Partners Program,” said Chris McGurk, chairman and CEO, Cinedigm. “Having three of our key channels available to Amazon’s Prime customers at launch will help accelerate subscriber growth for our channels.”

“For years, Amazon has been a great partner for Cinedigm,” said Bill Sondheim, entertainment group president at Cinedigm.  “In the early days of digital video we provided thousands of hours of programming from our vast library as part of Prime Video.  And, Amazon has consistently been a major retail partner in our physical DVD and Blu-ray business.  To be an initial launch partner on this exciting new initiative together helps us bring great entertainment to our customers.”