Cine-tal Systems Acquires CineSpace from Rising Sun Research

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Wed, 08/27/2008 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Cine-tal Systems has acquired Rising Sun Research’s CineSpace color management technology and product line. By combining our display management software and display hardware products with the proven cineSpace color management software we are providing a comprehensive solution for color management and display management says Cine-tal Systems CEO Rob Carroll and we are committed to providing our customers with the very best technology for collaborating processing and displaying visual media. CineSpace is widely used for film and television production. It is employed by production and post-production facilities worldwide to ensure that all of their displays match and conform to a specified output medium such as a particular film stock or video format. It ensures that the images artists see on their screens are identical to how they will look when projected in a movie theatre or shown on television. RSR has always had huge ambitions for CineSpace and we've worked hard over the last several years to create an industry leading product and a respected brand that is highly focused upon delivering value to our clients. This deal represents a realization of that potential enabling CineSpace to leverage the resources and strategic vision of Cine-tal to grow further innovate faster and to scale the delivery of its world renowned solutions to the benefit of our clients says Rising Sun Research CEO Clint Walker. We've been working with Cine-tal for some time now to take the CineSpace product line and extend it both functionally and to other parts of the market. The integration of CineSpace with Cine-tal's current and future technology creates a long term solution in color and display management says Jeremy Pollard CineSpace product manager. RSR will continue working closely with Cine-tal over the next several months as the company integrates CineSpace software technology with its own display management software which is still in development. The combined technology designed to be interoperable with Cine-tal's hardware products will provide companies involved in film and television production with a solution to manage the vast profusion of display devices available today as well as those that will appear in the future. Cine-tal will also continue the development and marketing of CineSpace as a standalone solution for color management in visual effects and digital intermediates. Cine-tal Systems Rising Sun Research