Cielo QR Sanitation and Disinfection Management Tool Now Free

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Mon, 03/23/2020 - 10:12 -- Nick Dager

To help with the coronavirus outbreak, Cielo is offering free access to its recently launched Cieloe QR product for sanitation and disinfection management during the COVID-19 outbreak. The offer will be extended to its current customers as well as any other businesses seeking to proactively manage the cleanliness of their establishments.

The development of Cielo QR was accelerated to help provide piece of mind to business owners and their customers and employees that cleaning policies to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus are being followed.

Businesses using this solution can manage and report cleaning and disinfection compliance of high traffic areas such as bathrooms, lobbies, and break rooms in real time via mobile and desktop applications. Furthermore, businesses have the option to provide their employees and customers visibility to see when and how the area was cleaned as well as submit immediate feedback, thus allowing businesses to address any concerns immediately.

“These are unprecedented times and we want to help businesses address worries from their customers and employees regarding their cleaning practices,” said Guillermo Younger Jr, Founder and CEO of Cielo. “During this crisis, we wanted to help reduce the spread of coronavirus by immediately making Cielo QR available to any business, not just our existing customers, for free. We are offering Cielo QR to any business where the public can benefit from timely management, compliance and communication of facility cleanliness and disinfection.”