Christie First to Achieve Full DCI Compliance

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Mon, 06/28/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Christie has announced that it is the first digital cinema projector manufacturer to pass the full range of tests required by the Compliance Test Plan for the DCI Digital Cinema System Specification including all procedural and design review aspects. CineCert a technology development and consulting firm and the only organization in North America licensed by Digital Cinema Initiatives to administer the CTP completed the tests.   Christie also announced that it has shipped and installed more than 12 000 digital cinema projectors worldwide achieving a new industry milestone and strengthening its leadership with a 65 percent share of the total global market. In addition to address growing demands Christie has opened a new manufacturing facility in China increased R&D expanded its base of skilled staff stocked up on long lead components to ensure sufficient parts in the months ahead and strengthened its technical training initiatives. At the same time it has boosted its Christie Managed Services programs in North America to provide the widest range of technical support for resellers and exhibitors making the switch to digital. “We are very pleased to confirm that the Christie CP2220 featuring Texas Instruments’ Series 2 DLP Cinema technology has passed all the requirements of the CTP ” says John Hurst CTO of CineCert. “We are dedicated to helping the exhibition community understand all of the technical requirements for passing the CTP and helping manufacturers get through the testing process quickly and efficiently.” Hollywood studios require exhibitors worldwide to install DCI compliant projectors in their theaters; and passing the CTP is the only approved path to DCI compliance. “With over 12 000 digital cinema projectors installed worldwide Christie helps set the standards for quality reliability and performance ” says Brian Claypool senior product manager entertainment solutions. “Now that CineCert has confirmed the Christie CP2220 meets the CTP’s requirements exhibitors have another level of assurance about our commitment to providing them with industry-leading products and services.” “With more than 80 years in the industry Christie has earned the trust of the exhibition community by consistently providing products of the highest quality and reliability. This new digital cinema landmark – meeting the strictest requirements for DCI compliance – is further proof of Christie’s commitment to the market ” says Craig Sholder vice president of entertainment solutions at Christie. Regarding the 12 000 projector milestone Jack Kline Christie’s president and COO says “The world is going digital and Christie is committed to leading the charge ” said Jack Kline President and COO Christie USA. “From our first ground-breaking roll-out of 4 000 digital cinema projectors that jump-started the digital cinema revolution Christie has been a major force in every corner of the world developing innovative strategies products and services that are guiding the industry into the digital age.” Regarding the new facilities in China. Lin Yu vice-president Christie Asia Pacific says “Christie’s accomplishments in the Asia Pacific region are a testament to the company’s global vision. It reflects the company’s unique ability to respond quickly to the needs of a changing market. In addition to our dominance in the Asia Pacific region Christie’s new manufacturing facility in China will further strengthen our presence in this region and enhance our manufacturing capabilities globally. This summer Christie Solaria Series digital cinema projectors will be coming off the assembly line to meet continued worldwide demand.” “Assembly in China opens up significant new opportunities and shipping flexibility for Christie that will allow us to better serve all our customers around the world ” says Ihor Stech Christie's vice-president of Operations. “It is the ideal location because much of our raw materials come from the Asian region so we can more efficiently convert them to final product. With the initial projectors feeding the markets in Asia we will also save on import duties. Meanwhile we can quickly deploy the projectors to meet demands around the world as needed.” Stech says Christie selected Shenzhen because it offers access to a well-educated and highly skilled labor force. It is China’s third largest city after Shanghai and Beijing with 16 million people and considered one of the country’s most successful industrial centers.  In addition its close proximity to Hong Kong attracts a multinational staff to serve the global markets. Hong Kong also features one of the largest ports in the world facilitating quick deployment of digital projectors to other regions.  “We are committed to all our partners in the exhibition community and that includes making substantial financial investments to ensure we meet their needs ” says Kline. “The two facilities are operating closely together under the direction of Christie’s veteran technical team with Shenzhen precisely mirroring the world class manufacturing standards we observe in North America.  We are using identical equipment and assembly line techniques.  We are also employing the same principles training and technical expertise in our work force that have made Christie projectors the most trusted most reliable and best selling digital cinema projectors in the world.” Christie Digital Systems CineCert