Christie Experiential Network, SurveyMe Announce Partnership

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Sun, 04/22/2018 - 21:54 -- Nick Dager

The Christie Experiential Network is partnering with the mobile feedback app SurveyMe. Together they have developed a new way for moviegoers and brands to interact with each other through SurveyMe.

CEN operates in hundreds of cinema lobbies across the United States. SurveyMe is the latest addition to its capabilities. The app will accompany CEN’s buffet of products designed to engage cinemagoers with brands and studios and act as a second screen to extend the advertising experience for audiences before, during and after their movie experience. In addition to insights from their demographic data-enabled displays, CEN will now offer exhibitors, brands and studios access to direct consumer feedback allowing them to dive right in to what truly matters and excites the cinema audience.

Guests can download the free SurveyMe mobile app, answer a few short questions and start earning rewards instantly.

"We are excited to work with a visionary company like Christie Experiential Network," said Lee Evans, CEO of SurveyMe. “Our partnership enhances SurveyMe’s growing reputation as being the second screen of choice within the movie theater lobby experience. It provides everyone -- including studios, exhibitors, and vendors -- with a unique, real-time way of engaging and rewarding moviegoers at the exact point of experience.” 

Kevin Romano, executive vice president of CEN Media Group, stated that, “This partnership will continue to enhance the customer’s movie going experience while expanding our network’s ability to capture engaging actionable data, consequently adding value for our exhibitors, studios and advertisers.  Working with SurveyMe, we create elevated content which raises the profile even higher for these stakeholders.”

The Christie Experiential Network