Christie Acquires Coolux

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Tue, 01/06/2015 - 16:03 -- Nick Dager

Christie has acquired coolux, developer and supplier of 3D compositing and rendering systems, best known for its Pandoras Box product family. Coolux will be integrated into Christie’s global market solutions team, maintaining its office in Cologne, Germany.

Jennifer Smith, executive vice president, global market solutions said, “Christie is committed to deepen its marketplace lead in supplying a total solution for advanced applications such as projection mapping, broadcast delivery and all manner of large-scale digital canvas creation, so the fit between our products and services and those of coolux is a natural one.”

Continuing, Smith said, “Pre-visualization capability when creating stunning, experiential events – including real-time rendering of same – is increasingly important in the creative plans of entertainment designer and creative visionaries. The acquisition is a boon to those who need multiple display technologies to come together to create both continuous and non-continuous digital canvases, but most importantly, to be able to create and manage the content that flows onto these canvases.”

Coolux CEO Jan Huewel, who will report to Smith in his new position of senior director, processing solutions said, “In a world where visual and audio experiences are assuming new importance in inspiring and moving audiences, content orchestration and synchronized content delivery is paramount and with today’s news, Christie, with its already impressive presence in this arena, has gained another leading-edge product line and development team to ensure it keeps its lead.”

More detail on the announcement will be provided at the biennial coolux Connect Conference, to be held January 8-9 in Cologne, Germany.

Initial reactions to the news of the acquisition was positive among global leaders in augmented reality and experiential-marketing projects, exemplified by award-winning projection designer Bart Kresa of BartKresa Design who said, “I’ve used coolux and Christie products in a number of my productions and value both for their feature-rich gamut and reliability, so I’m excited about what Christie will come up with in future, leveraging its expertise and that of the coolux team.”