China Film Giant Screen 1200th Dolby Atmos Screen in China

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Wed, 03/28/2018 - 11:17 -- Nick Dager

China Film Digital Giant Screen, Beijing and Dolby Laboratories today announced the opening of the 1200th Dolby Atmos cinema screen in China, which is the CGS at China Film Cinema Hangzhou East Station Xizi site. 

China Film Giant Screen is one of the world-leading premium large format brands with more than 300 CGS theaters in Chinese mainland to date, located among 140 cities.

“In the development of CGS, we continue to involve innovations in our product upgrades. The audiovisual experience and our brand have been recognized by the mass moviegoers,” said Jimmy Chen, chief executive officer, China Film Giant Screen. “We introduce world-leading technologies to constantly create more immersive movie-going experiences that allow audiences to truly go inside the story. Now, there are more than 230 CGS screens opened with Dolby Atmos in China. We look forward to bringing the CGS experience with Dolby Atmos to more consumers in the future.”

“The rapid adoption of Dolby Atmos in China is an important milestone for Dolby Atmos and our cinema business,” said Michael Archer, vice president, worldwide cinema sales, Dolby Laboratories. “China is an important market to Dolby. CGS represents the strong commitment from China’s cinema industry to deliver premium movie-going experiences. We are excited to share the same vision and support our Chinese partners to achieve their goal with Dolby Atmos, the premium cinema sound experience.”