Centro to use Asia’s First DVS ProntoXway for 3D Projects

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Fri, 01/09/2009 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Hong Kong animation and visual effects studio Centro Digital Pictures has installed the Asia Pacific Region's first DVS ProntoXway. The post house is utilizing the multi-channel disk recorder for the implementation of 3D applications and high-resolution presentations. The DVS disk recorder enables the post house to create images using uncompressed data material. With ProntoXway the editors at Centro are now able to process image data in real time and prepare it for playback. With two video channels the playback of stereoscopic content is easily possible using only a single DVS system. Thanks to its 2K option the ProntoXway is a future-proof piece of equipment and supports Centro's plans for the intensification of 2K workflows. Especially when realizing 2K projects Centro benefits from the reliability and the real-time features of the DVS disk recorder. Hon Fung senior engineer at Centro says DVS disk recorders enjoy an excellent reputation. With its reliability ease of use and ability to play back stereoscopic images ProntoXway offers us exactly the features that we need. Eric Augereau sales director region Asia-Pacific at DVS says We are happy to have installed Asia's first ProntoXway at Centro. With ProntoXway Centro now owns a future-proof system that is ideally suited for Centro's 3D projects. Centro Digital Pictures www.centro.com.hk