CBG Member R/C Theatres Signs up for Cinedigm’s Phase 2 Program

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Tue, 01/12/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

The Maryland-based cinema chain R/C Theatres has signed an agreement to participate in Cinedigm’s Phase 2 digital cinema deployment program.  R/C Theatres is the first National Association of Theatre Owners Cinema Buying Group member to commit to the program.   The CBG represents more than 600 members that collectively have over 6 000 screens. R/C selected Cinedigm’s Exhibitor-Buyer financing plan which means the exhibitor will purchase its own equipment and Cinedigm will administer the systems under its Virtual Print Fee agreements with all major studios for a ten-year term for 68 screens at six locations. 

In Phase 2 Cinedigm has created an Exhibitor-Buyer financing option for exhibitors. When exhibitors participate they select and purchase their own equipment and Cinedigm manages the reporting billing and collection of VPFs from movie distributors receiving a fee for doing so.   R/C will install Cinedigm-certified fully networked digital cinema systems.  Cinedigm and the CBG also have system supply and service agreements with Barco and NEC.

 John Fithian president of the National Association of Theatre Owners says “Wayne Anderson the former managing director of the CBG and the CBG team who selected Cinedigm as its integrator had confidence in Cinedigm’s technology equipment vendor relationships and ability to bring appropriate financing options to the table.  Wayne’s tireless work with Cinedigm on behalf of all the CBG members makes it fitting that R/C Theatres is the first of many CBG members to move forward.” “The CBG was established to enable independent exhibitors across the U.S. and Canada to survive and thrive in the digital age ” says J. Wayne Anderson former managing director of the buying group. “R/C Theatres and the CBG in partnership with Cinedigm today begin an historic transition to provide high-quality digital cinema to the patrons of independent and small-town cinemas in North America.”

 Bill Campbell current managing director of the CBG says “CBG Cinedigm and our equipment partners have developed several options for our members including exhibitor-financed vendor-financed and integrator-financed programs. Beginning with Wayne’s leadership and continuing today the CBG and Cinedigm encourage all CBG members to be proactive in securing their place in the digital future of our industry.”

 David Phillips COO-CFO of R/C Theatres “We are excited to be the first circuit to sign up for the CBG Cinedigm Phase 2 digital cinema self-finance agreement. R/C has had the good fortune to be involved in so many aspects of the industry conversion due to the hard work dedication and insight of its now retired chairman and CEO Wayne Anderson. To finally be at the end point of all that hard work is like coming to the end of filming and editing a movie. All the work has been done and now it’s time to screen the final product – digitally of course.” “Since the CBG selected us as the integrator partner for its members the Cinedigm team has been working diligently to develop agreements that worked for all parties ” says Bud Mayo chairman and CEO of Cinedigm. “This process for Exhibitor-Buyers was completed at the end of October and we’re very excited that R/C Theatres will be the first to move forward in converting its theatres to digital cinema.” “R/C’s decision to invest in digital cinema is a testament to their commitment of bringing the highest quality presentation and the diversity of alternative content programming to their audiences.  Cinedigm is proud to be working with R/C to help them continue to fulfill that commitment ” says Chuck Goldwater president of Cinedigm’s Media Services Group.  “At the same time we are at work with many more CBG members and look forward to adding them to our Phase 2 program as well.” Cinedigm www.cinedigm.com