Carlton Screen Advertising Ireland Upgrades Distribution Software

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Wed, 06/19/2013 - 11:11 -- Nick Dager

Carlton Screen Advertising Ireland has upgraded their Advertising Accord software to include digital content distribution. The system developed by Unique Digital will enable CSA to take full advantage of the digital cinema market in Ireland in which they are the cinema advertising market leader. 

Representing 464 screens over 70 sites in the Republic of Ireland and a further 194 screens over 26 sites in Northern Ireland CSA accounts for 100 percent of the box-office admissions across the two territories.

Unique Digital, the Dublin based software development-company will supply their latest version of Advertising Accord and will manage the complete integration process. 

Advertising Accord provides tools necessary to manage clients, campaigns and schedules. The new solution will add a fully integrated digital distribution platform allowing CSA to manage and deliver the pre-show content direct to screen via a dedicated terrestrial based network with fully automated processes. 

Key features include scheduling to individual showing level, on-site screen swap, multiple content block provision and the solution includes integration to other data feeds allowing for the assimilation of numerous data sources, for example Admissions & Movie Schedule. The application is offered as a SaaS solution accessible through an easy to use GUI via any browser on pc or tablet. 

Optimized to integrate directly with Unique Digital’s own Rosetta Bridge TMS, as installed within many cinemas in the territory, Advertising Accord also integrates directly with many other makes of current digital cinema TMS and DCI server systems, via Unique Digital’s Movie Transit system that provides automated pre-show playlist building per show. 

“Our existing Accord solution has managed our transition from 35mm to digital extremely well and we are delighted to be taking this next step with Unique Digital,” said Eoin Wrixon, general manager, CSA. “Their new digital distribution system will bring benefits to both our advertising clients as well as our cinema customers. CSA will now be able to offer a range of new sales packages, and the system will also mean a great deal less work in the projection booth for the preparation of film schedules and managing the pre-show content.”

“CSA have embraced the transition to digital and we are proud to have played a part in helping Eoin and his team develop their new sales and operations processes,” said Rod Wheeler, sales and marketing director, Unique Digital. “Our fully digital Advertising Accord solution is driving the pre-show distribution market and we are committed to providing the best and most innovative solutions for the industry.”