Capstraw Named OwnZones Chief Revenue Officer

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Mon, 04/12/2021 - 10:50 -- Nick Dager

OwnZones Entertainment Technologies has appointed Rick Capstraw chief revenue officer. As the CRO, Capstraw will take an important role in leading the global sales organization of the company and accelerating the department’s contribution to OwnZones’ worldwide growth.

OwnZones Entertainment Technologies has appointed Rick Capstraw chief revenue officer. Capstraw has built a career in delivering technology solutions in global markets that help to transform the way we use and consume media in our lives and brings an impressive amount of experience to his new position with the company.

Capstraw previously worked at Verizon Media Platform as the global head of sales. Throughout his career, he has led high-performing teams in several areas including media, entertainment & technology, and strategy & enterprise development; innovating products and leading cross-functional enterprise sales teams by focusing on the business result and the processes required to get there. He has also held management positions at CNET Networks, The Walt Disney Company, and Ticketmaster. 

“We are enormously happy that Rick is joining the company at such a dynamic time,” said OwnZones CEO Dan Gorman. “We are seeing a huge uptick in interest as media organizations start to move out of pandemic mode and look to capitalize on the opportunities that exist in the post-Covid landscape and are delighted to have someone of Rick’s caliber to help guide us through this next period of substantial growth.”

Capstraw attended the University of Southern California. He also obtained a postgraduate diploma in economics from the School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London. 

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