Can Communicates Buys Four Element Technica 3D

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Mon, 09/13/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Can Communicate has purchased four active stereographic 3D rigs from Element Technica. Can will take delivery of three Element Technica Quasar rigs which will enable the company to work with OB partners and content producers to provide a fully active 3D set-up. The rigs which were designed specifically for use in South Africa this summer are currently unique to Can in Europe.  

In addition Can has purchased a Pulsar rig which provides a fully active and fully mobile documentary filming solution. This rig which is also currently the only one of its kind in Europe adds a further genre to Can’s competitive offering. Stephen Pizzo co-founder Element Technica says “We appreciate the fact that Can is always striving to push the envelope with respect to S3D acquisition.  It was the vision of Can that inspired us to deliver a system that would satisfy their high expectations in terms of performance reliability and ease of use. This deal cements our close association with Can and also provides us with a major presence in the European market.” 

 David Wooster production director Can Communicate says “Element Technica’s rigs have really proved themselves on our recent productions so we are pleased to add this equipment to our growing arsenal of the best 3D production post-production and infrastructure tools available. This investment gives Can more flexibility with our 3D production projects by enabling us to tailor the rigs to decrease set-up times and react swiftly to the demands of any co-production. It also means that we can expand our production base by offering a 3D documentary rig which will be fully active and fully mobile.”
 Can Communicate Element Technica