Cameron Chose Doremi Server for 3D Frame-Rate Demo

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Thu, 04/28/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

At last month’s CinemaCon convention in Las Vegas Oscar-winning filmmaker James Cameron demonstrated the impact of higher frame-rate content production and delivery can have on future films. The demonstration entailed a 3D clip that was presented in 24fps 48pfs and 60pfs and used a Doremi server. These higher frame rates open a new dimension for filmmakers ” Cameron said adding “For the next two Avatar movies I want to display a higher frame rate 48 or 60 frames per second. I fully intend to make the rest of my movies at a higher frame rate. “Since inception it has been our company’s vision not only to comply with the industry’s standards but to also be one step ahead by offering future proof solutions. I believe that the spectacular demonstration by James Cameron attests to that vision ” said Michael Archer vice president of Doremi Cinema.