CalMan Software Now Integrated with Some Dolby Professional Reference Monitors

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Thu, 07/17/2014 - 15:05 -- Nick Dager

A Dolby professional reference monitorSeattle software developer SpectraCal today released a new version of its CalMan video calibration software with fully integrated direct support for Dolby professional reference monitor models PRM-4200 and PRM-4220.

The Emmy award winning Dolby professional reference monitor line is, according to Dolby, the "most accurate commercially available display for creating entertainment content," and is a leading industry standard in video production and post-production. SpectraCal says that CalMan is the most widely used calibration software in the world.

The integration announced today allows users to create industry standard or custom 3D LUTs (look-up tables) using SpectraCal's software in a completely automated, closed-loop process.

The Dolby professional reference monitors are the first monitors that can display 100 percent of DCI P3 with linear color accuracy across the entire grayscale.

"I will never forget how impressed we were with the first prototypes when we saw them in Dolby's Labs," said SpectraCal's founder and CTO Derek Smith.

"Our customers can now use SpectraCal's CalMan software with the Dolby professional reference monitor product line to easily and quickly calibrate, profile and color manage the monitor, delivering a new level of flexibility," said Dolby's senior product manager Gaven Wang.