Britain’s Channel 4 Holds a 3D Week of Programming

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Thu, 11/19/2009 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

A wide range of 3D content was available with stereoscopic depth in homes across Great Britain last month when Channel 4 held its first 3D Week. Steen Iversen CEO of Sirius 3D ApS whose glasses were used in the event said   “And if Flesh for Frankenstein’became too much for you in 3D you could simply take off the ColorCodeViewer 3D glasses and experience it in normal 2D.” According to Iversen even if spectators were not wearing the glasses they were still able to view a coherent watchable 2D image with minimal artefacts. “Our 3D glasses have amber and blue filters built into them: amber for color information blue for depth ” Iverson said. “Additionally for the Channel 4 event we developed our technology further implementing a special broadcast processing so that anyone watching 3D Week while wearing the glasses would get a noticeable 3D effect – not just those on a high-quality digital connection but also those on an analog connection on a lower-bandwidth SD connection or using a digital receiver connected with an antenna cable S-video or composite rather than HDMI. Furthermore we have developed a live 3D transmission system with ColorCode 3-D encoding in real-time so that Channel 4 could incorporate live broadcasts into the 3D Week schedule.” During the 3D Week Channel 4 screened a variety of 3D shows shot and post produced by Can Communicate. The highlights included never-before-seen footage of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953 which was shot in 3D stereo and has been restored by Can Communicate with support from Sirius 3D.  There was also a 3D Magic Show presented by Derren Brown and also a number of classic 3D movies and TV experiments from the past four decades which like the coronation footage had been specially converted by Can Communicate. “Once you have acquired content stereographically using two cameras you can make a 3D commercial in almost any format ” said Iversen. “With 3D Week on Channel 4 we aimed to demonstrate to the broadcast industry not only that spectators can have a hugely enjoyable experience regardless of their home equipment setup but also that the 3D content creation workflow is nothing to be afraid of. On the contrary it is established controllable flexible and ready to go right here right now. And you no longer have to worry about spectators getting offended by blurry double images” ColorCode 3D