Barco XDC Support the 62nd Locarno Film Festival

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Tue, 08/11/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Barco was selected as the exclusive digital projector supplier for the 62nd Locarno Film Festival. Highlights of the festival are the open-air screenings in Locarno's historic Piazza Grande. Every year in August around 180 000 cinema goers 1 100 journalists and 3 400 professionals gather in the small Swiss-Italian town of Locarno for an unforgettable eleven day film festival. This year's festival being held from August 5-15 featured 100 digital screenings at five different venues. At nightfall the Piazza Grande transforms into a unique open-air cinema with an impressive 26-meter screen and room for 8 000 spectators. XDC the Digital Cinema Official Partner for Locarno Film Festival selected Barco's DP-3000. “We wanted to provide the Locarno Film Festival with the best possible technologies ” says Fabrice Testa XDC International's vice president of sales and business development. “The Piazza Grande is our biggest challenge and we needed a projector bright enough to illuminate a 26 meter screen in open air. After last year's success with the DP-3000 we opted again for this digital cinema projector.” “We are proud to have been selected once again by XDC for the Piazza Grande and other venues at the Locarno Film Festival ” says Tim Sinnaeve sales director for Barco's digital cinema business. “This is a confirmation of our renowned image quality and it underscores the fact that Barco's digital cinema projectors can meet any challenge — from traditional indoor theaters to open-air cinemas.” In addition to the Piazza Grande venue Barco also supplies a DP-3000 for the Auditorium Fevi while the three other venues (Teatro Kursaal La Sala and Rialto) are equipped with Barco's DP-2000 digital cinema projectors.