Barco Unveils Cinema Projector for Post

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Mon, 09/13/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Barco has unveiled a brand-new cinema projector specifically intended for digital post-production. The company says the Barco DP2K-P is the world's only enhanced 4K-ready projector specifically conceived and built to meet the enhanced performance needs of post-production houses. The fit-for-purpose post-production projector builds on the DP2K B-series products from which it inherits benefits such as light efficiency low cost of ownership and ease-of-use. To respond to the highly specialized needs of post-production houses the new DP2K-P features an expanded color gamut that is wider than the current DCI recommended color space. In addition the company says the projector sets itself apart by delivering more brightness uniformity and more contrast than any other projector which results in increased image detail especially in low light regions. 

Along with the new DP2K-P Barco will also release a special version of the accompanying Communicator software enabling users to customize their 2D and 3D look-up tables. Thanks to this increased control over the color space post-production professionals can do their job with an unprecedented level of accuracy. Barco