Barco Sonic Equipment to Bring Digital Cinema to B&B Theatres

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Fri, 01/09/2009 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

B&B Theatres in Liberty Missouri has begun construction on a new eight screen all digital cinema in Hannibal Missouri. This is the first all digital theatre project for B&B theatres the 22nd largest theatre chain in the United States.  Sonic Equipment Company the exclusive systems supplier for B&B Theatres and many other independent theatres across the Midwest is using Barco’s newest DP-1200 projectors as part of the installation. “Sonic Equipment Company has put themselves at the forefront of the digital integration thanks to the strong relationships built with partners like Barco ” says Eric Olson director of operations for SEC.  “The quality and the user-friendly aspects of the Barco projector are a great fit for B&B ” says Dennis McIntire director of strategic planning for B&B.  “B&B Theatres has begun the transition to the Digital technology with the help of SEC and looks forward to working together on their upcoming projects in the year ahead.” “Sonic has introduced a very effective business model whereby exhibitors can package their entire digital deployment including financing options for the equipment ” says Terri Westhafer director of business development for Barco.  “Barco is proud to have been an integral component of their offering since its inception.  We are very pleased to welcome B&B to our growing Barco family of mid-sized exhibitors who are embracing digital cinema with new all-digital complexes. Dennis McIntire and the owners of B&B are committed to quality and to making the digital transition in a timely and thoughtful manner.  My Barco colleagues and I stand ready to assist and support them as they enter this exciting era.” The new theatre in Hannibal is set to open in late March.