Barco Signs Exclusive Agreement with Cinemark

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Tue, 07/13/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Barco has announced an exclusive agreement with Cinemark in which Barco is providing turnkey installation and support services for thousands of digital cinema projectors. This agreement builds upon last year's announcement that Cinemark USA had selected Barco as their exclusive DLP digital cinema provider. 

Barco is currently installing its family of digital projectors in combination with Doremi media servers. The service agreement covers the initial installation including projectors pedestals audio system upgrades servers and automation. “In all facets of our conversion from 35 mm to digital 2D and 3D projection Barco has worked along side us as a trusted partner fully supporting its products as an integral part of their long term commitment to Cinemark's success ” says Alan Stock CEO of Cinemark. “Thanks to Barco's dedication to product quality and ongoing support these new systems will help to position Cinemark as a premier exhibitor enabling us to project the brightest images in the industry while preparing the company to fully embrace DLP-enhanced 4K.” 

 “Barco has always been known for its innovative high quality display products. We have been diligently expanding our service offerings to meet the high performance standards set by our customers with the goal of providing a virtually seamless transition from film to the new digital technology says Mike Jones vice president of customer service for Barco North America. “We are building a strong reputation for the deployment and servicing of complete digital cinema systems. By controlling all aspects of the value chain including product quality installation and system integration Barco has been able to keep deployments on a tight schedule while meeting very strict quality standards. This maximizes image quality and return on investment for our customers.” “With this unprecedented partnership representing the full continuum of service training and dedicated support Barco is underscoring its commitment to a comprehensive approach to projector system deployment ” says Todd Hoddick vice president of digital cinema for Barco North America. “This service partnership was a natural progression of the relationship we've built with Cinemark over the years providing the foundation for Barco to demonstrate our commitment to superior quality and reliability made possible by maintaining the finest service team in the industry.” Barco Cinemark ,1834
Color Space in Mexico Upgrades DI Capabilities,2010-07-14,Color Space a newly launched post house in Mexico City has acquired a Northlight 1 film scanner and Baselight HD color grading system from FilmLight as part of its bid to become a market leader in color grading for commercials music videos short films and feature films. The only post-production facility in Mexico focused exclusively on color grading Color Space has made Northlight and Baselight the backbone of a highly flexible digital intermediate infrastructure capable of servicing projects of all types. “With the Northlight scanner and Baselight HD we can provide a complete package of scanning grading and conforming services to our clients ” says Color Space CEO Mariana Martinez. “We can scan 16mm and 35mm film we can import digitally-acquired media and we can output high-quality DI deliverables in any format the project requires.” Earlier this year Martinez and colorist Juan Magaña formed Color Space which is located within the facility of the well-known animation and visual effects house Cluster Studio. Magaña is widely recognized as one of Mexico’s top commercial colorists having won numerous awards for his work for such brands as Renault Banamex Powerade and Frutsi. In addition to servicing advertising projects from across Latin America and the United States Color Space is seeking to tap into its region’s booming feature film market. “We offer great talent and great technology in a relaxed comfortable environment ” Martinez says. Color Space selected the FilmLight products based on Magaña’s previous experience with Baselight. “I’ve been familiar with Baselight since it first arrived in Mexico and have found that it offers the best toolset for grading and conforming—and delivers image quality that is superior to anything else on the market ” Magaña says. “We are very pleased to have Northlight as a complement to Baselight for projects that originate on film. Northlight is the gold standard for film scanning. Its ability to scan virtually any type of film element at resolutions up to 4K allows us to take on any project and deliver a product on par with any facility in the world. Together Baselight and Northlight represent the ultimate solution for DI.” Color Space FilmLight ,1835
Senegalese Theatre Installs Datasat Audio Processor,2010-07-14,The Daniel Sorano National Theatre Inauguration in Senegal has installed Datasat Digital Entertainment's AP20 audio processor and demoed across the globe in select and premier theatres. As part of an effort to reintroduce cinema in West Africa Au Cinema Ce Soir outfitted the Daniel Sorano National Theatre with new AP20 16-channel Audio Processor in addition to digital cinema and 3D technology. The AP20 was selected as the audio processor for both its optimized equalization system and its endless possibilities of inputs says Boris Visonneau technical support engineer at R2D1 the French distributor for Datasat Digital Entertainment equipment. President of the Republic of Senegal Abdoulaye Wade and president of the Republic of Burundi Pierre Nkurunziza were in attendance for the theatre's inaugural event a screening of Walt Disney Pictures' Alice in Wonderland. Datasat Digital Entertainment ,1837
Ster-Kinekor in South Africa Installs Datasat Servers for 3D,2010-07-14,South Africa's largest cinema exhibitor Ster-Kinekor will be installing the Datasat DC20 Digital Cinema Processor at more than 20 of their sites in the coming months. The DC20 is the server to install into 3D cinemas says Johan van Staden technical manager for Ster-Kinekor. The features on the DC20 make the uploading of content so much easier and faster. The connections and installations go very fast and the software is very user friendly. The DC20 features a FIPS certified media block and can be used as a standalone digital cinema player for a single screen or as a network player system for a multiplex configuration. The processor supports multiple playback formats and offers both digital and analog audio outputs. Backup service on the DC20 is service that cannot be matched fast and down to the point says van Staden. Datasat offers a high level of customer service and technical support on the DC20 and their entire cinema product line. Ster-Kinekor Theatres the filmed and digital entertainment division of Primedia operates 31 Ster-Kinekor Junction value cinemas and 16 Ster-Kinekor Classic cinemas with over 400 screens and 60 000 seats. Datasat Digital Entertainment ,1838
Deluxe Signs with SmartJog to Distribute Digital Cinema Content to Europe,2010-07-14,Deluxe Digital London has signed an agreement with SmartJog to distribute digital cinema content to theatres in Europe. “We are very pleased to have signed an agreement with SmartJog. Our historical relationship with SmartJog and our common clients make this a logical step forward in our relationship. Deluxe is committed to providing the best services for its clients and we feel that this agreement will enable us to pass on the benefit of digital distribution to them ” says Peter Wright managing director of Deluxe Digital London. In addition to being able to send DCPs directly from its London premises electronically Deluxe Digital London and SmartJog will “handshake” their operating systems to create a fully integrated platform enabling such features as live web-based tracking of transfers and online notifications for their common clients. “This is a natural extension to our current business relationship with Deluxe and we look forward to servicing their digital cinema distribution needs. Using our secured dedicated network SmartJog optimizes and simplifies DCP distribution logistics which will allow Deluxe Digital London to service clients in a secure cost-effective and reliable way ” says Thomas Bremond COO at SmartJog. Deluxe has been using SmartJog for more than five years to distribute a diverse range of content internationally. Currently SmartJog is deployed in 11 of their facilities around the world including in Rome Barcelona Los Angeles New York Toronto and London.  Deluxe SmartJog
Deluxe Claims Industry 2K Digital First,2010-07-14,Deluxe Entertainment Services Group says it has achieved an industry breakthrough with the first of its kind 2K real time uncompressed data file transfer from Los Angeles to London via Deluxe Express Deluxe's new private secure global data service. The entire two-hour uncompressed 2K data file of 20th Century Fox's A-Team was transferred SAN to SAN from EFilm Hollywood to Deluxe Digital London in just two hours. Deluxe Express is exclusively connected to Deluxe's 10Gig network powered by Core180 that includes trans-Atlantic optical connectivity allowing for fast and secure encrypted digital file transfers between continents. Phil Provenzale 20th Century Fox's senior vice president of international post-production and theatrical services says When we were told that Deluxe had developed this solution we knew we would save valuable time transferring files from EFilm rather than writing the files to a drive and shipping them overseas to produce the elements needed for our European releases. Shipping delays and airline disruptions beyond your control suddenly go away with this new service. Immediately upon receipt of the file Deluxe created the 35mm film negatives for theatrical release prints digital cinema packages and foreign versioning for the European market. We have seen post-production schedules become exceedingly more complex as so many versions are required for distribution today says Deluxe president and CEO Cyril Drabinsky. The key to Deluxe Express was finding a way to transfer content faster than existing solutions while keeping the data secure. We are proud to have worked closely with Deluxe in developing their purpose built network and to have played a part in achieving this industry milestone says David Baule CEO of Core180. In addition to EFilm Hollywood and Deluxe Digital London Deluxe Express is connected to Deluxe New York. Efforts are already underway to expand to Deluxe's other post-production facilities around the world over the next few months. Core180 Deluxe ,1840
Empire Theatres Selects Barco Projectors for more than 300 Screens,2010-07-14, Empire Theatres Limited of Canada has selected Barco Series II digital cinema projectors for more than 300 of their screens. Empire Theatres is Canada's second largest exhibition company with headquarters in Stellarton Nova Scotia. With more than 30 years in the motion picture exhibition business Empire Theatres owns and operates 50 theatres with 380 screens employing more than 2 500 employees. Empire Theatres already has 50 Barco projectors on 3D screens at many sites. The latest offering was Disney's Toy Story 3. “Barco met all of our requirements and excelled in our tests for quality reliability and serviceability while putting the best and brightest image on screen ” says Valerie Ryan vice president real estate & development for Empire Theatres. “Barco's wide range of Series II projector models allows us to put the right projector on the right screen enabling cost savings across the board.” “Our partnership with Barco will allow us to finalize our move into the digital age with the confidence that comes from knowing that our customers will be viewing the best 2k and 4k digital images possible and that our staff will be fully comfortable with their projector operation ” says Ryan. “The commitment from Barco from the top down is to provide the utmost in projector value and service. We respect that commitment and it was a critical factor in our decision.” Empire Theatres will be installing Barco Series II model DP2K-15Cs and DP2K-20Cs along with the 4K expandable DP2K-32B. These systems incorporate the Doremi integrated media block advanced server technology for Series II. Installations will begin in the fall and continue into next year. 

Danny Sergeant Barco’s vice president North America-managing director Canada who will be overseeing the project deployment in his new role serving the region says “Barco knows that Canada and important clients such as Empire Theatres are critical to the success of its organization. We are committed to serving Canada with our full complement of resources and services.” “We are pleased to continue our relationship with Empire Theatres ” says Todd Hoddick vice president of Barco Digital Cinema North America. “Empire Theatres' decision to use Barco as their selected digital cinema projector provider speaks volumes about the mutual respect we have developed through the years. We're excited to embark on this long-term engagement and provide Empire Theatres with all of the technology and services they require to fully embrace these robust digital technologies now and in the future.” Joe DeMeo director of sales for Barco Digital Cinema North America says “It is truly a pleasure working with the Empire Theatres team and providing them with the highest quality products and services as only Barco can. It's obvious that they're dedicated to providing their customers with the ultimate theatre experience and we're honored that they've chosen us to help them accomplish this goal.” ,1842
Light Illusion Releases LightSpace CMS,2010-07-14, Light Illusion has released LightSpace CMS a fully featured color management system which is a continued development of Light Illusion’s LUT manager display and calibration software. 
According to the company the new LightSpace CMS makes it much easier to implement total color management facility-wide for DI vfx grading animation games or exhibition using any direct display or projection monitoring system. LightSpace CMS is not only suitable for visualizing film images on digital displays but also for directly matching different displays allowing operators colorists supervisors DPs and directors to know a matched final look is presented at every point in the digital post-production chain saving time and effort and avoiding unexpected results. 

”LightSpace CMS makes accurate color management available to all industry operations and its new tools and capabilities really help to enhance facilities’ calibration capabilities and accuracy.” says Steve Shaw CEO of Light Illusion. “While LightSpace CMS will be welcome in all facilities looking for high quality color management its affordable price makes it easy for studios post and broadcast facilities to establish company-wide color calibration regardless of the specific display or creative hardware being used.”

 Accurate color management requires precise profiling of the display devices in use as well as the whole image workflow. LightSpace says CMS enables customers to accurately measure all displays to fully manage the color pipeline regardless of the technology being used including CRT LCD plasma DPL LED direct display or projection digital or film. From the generated profiles all display technologies within a facility (or even wider afield) can be accurately managed.

 Shaw says “It is LightSpace CMS’s advanced color inverse and transform functions that enable display profile data to be accurately managed by the user allowing precise control over the final look of all material regardless of the final deliverable requirements. It doesn’t matter if the workflow pipeline is film-source to film-deliverable via a Rec709 P3 or XYZ DI environment back to film video or DCI deliverable LightSpace CMS can accurately generate matched LUTs converting profiles and color spaces as required. Totally digital projects such as animation digital cinematography video capture or images from DSLR cameras can equally be match to the final deliverable requirement. Using the color inverse and transform functions it is possible to ensure all workflow displays preview the image matched to the final deliverable as well as having all displays matched accurately to each other.”

 Light Illusion ,1847
Mosfilm Expands its Digital Intermediates Capabilities,2010-07-14,Mosfilm one of Europe’s largest film corporations has installed a DVS Clipster and part of its ongoing effort to upgrade and digital intermediates capabilities. With the Clipster all necessary steps from digital source master to digital cinema package can be created in a single system thus preventing time-consuming transfer processes through the use of many different components. Mosfilm built a theatre size preview suite individually adapted to their 3D projects. Igor Bogdasarov chief engineer at Mosfilm says “We are absolutely delighted with Clipster. The installation went smoothly and the DI workstation has quickly become an integral and reliable part of our workflow. Thanks to DVS we have implemented high-class DCI Mastering and we can now offer a unique service to our Russian clients.” Juri Freiberger business development and pre-sales Eastern Europe at DVS says “Mosfilm is among Europe’s largest and most prestigious film corporations. It was very important for us to work with such a well-known partner and to assist in expanding the Russian film market with DVS technology.” DVS Mosfilm ,1848
Great Escape Theatres Signs with National CineMedia’s Network,2010-07-14, National CineMedia has entered into a network affiliate agreement with Great Escape Theatres an Indiana-based cinema chain for the presentation of cinema advertising and NCM Fathom entertainment and business events in theatres.  
Under the terms of the exclusive multi-year agreement 26 Great Escape Theatres with 307 screens in Georgia Illinois Indiana Kentucky Nebraska Missouri Ohio Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee and West Virginia will join the NCM Cinema Network beginning in September.   Focused in mid-sized markets Great Escape Theatres has an estimated annual attendance of over seven million patrons.  In addition to exclusively presenting NCM’s FirstLook pre-feature program select Great Escape locations will also present NCM Fathom’s live and pre-recorded in-theater entertainment and corporate events. “Great Escape Theatres are a great complement to our network as they provide additional geographic coverage in key Midwestern and Southern markets ” says Kurt Hall NCM’s president and chief executive officer. “These new theatre additions complement our larger markets and bring significant value to brands and entertainment content providers looking to connect with Great Escape’s heartland audiences.”  
 “We chose to work with National CineMedia because they’re the leader in the cinema advertising industry ” says Anne Ragains CEO of Great Escape. “The fact that NCM is an integrated media company with multiple platforms like NCM Fathom events and the NCM Interactive Network made good business sense to us.  We’re excited that our theatres will now be a part of such an innovative network.  Coupled with our recent deployment of digital projection and 3-D technology we have insured that Great Escape Theatres will remain an industry leader in film exhibition.”
 Great Escape Theatres NCM Media Networks ,1849
Pinewood Studios Embarks on Major Restoration Effort,2010-07-14,Pinewood Studios Group has acquired a Northlight 2 film scanner from FilmLight for use in its newly established media preservation restoration and archive facility. The new scanner will be used in restoring film-based titles from the StudioCanal British Library archive comprising some 140 000 items including the renowned Ealing film library. The archive has been based at Pinewood for 20 years. Northlight which recently earned FilmLight’s development team one of four AMPAS Scientific and Technical Achievement Awards sets the standard for 4K scanning with Northlight 2 delivering the highest quality alias free 4K resolution images. Pinewood selected the system after conducting a rigorous review of high-end film scanners over several months. “We chose Northlight because of the quality of the scans ” says Darren Woolfson group director of technology for Pinewood Studios Group. “We were also impressed with the company itself. The quality of FilmLight’s engineers and R&D team is exceedingly high.” Northlight 2 will be part of a workflow devoted exclusively to film restoration. Pinewood’s new facility also includes two state-of-the-art temperature and humidity controlled vaults for storing archival elements. “Restoration work has often been undertaken by companies with a DI infrastructure who do a bit of restoration during downtime ” Woolfson says. “We’ve come to this from a different angle. We have built a restoration department to deal exclusively with restoration work. We have a film handling area and an area for performing physical repairs to film media. We also have an area devoted to restoring film sound. It is a fully set up picture and sound restoration department.” Pinewood’s work on the StudioCanal British Library archive began after an agreement with StudioCanal and Optimum Releasing in last November. Restoration has been completed on Lionel Jeffries’ The Railway Children which has subsequently been re-released and made available on BluRay/DVD.   Other classic titles that are being worked on include Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom and Robert Hamer’s Kind Hearts and Coronets. Additionally Pinewood will serve as a FilmLight beta site for developing film scanning technologies for restoration. “We feel very good about this aspect of our relationship ” Woolfson says. “FilmLight is working hard to improve what is already an extremely good scanner.” ,1850
Santikos Theatres Signs with Screenvision,2010-07-14, Screenvision has announced a new exhibitor agreement with Santikos Theatres the largest family-owned theatre circuit in Texas.  With this deal Screenvision expands its presence in the key Houston and San Antonio markets. 
Under the agreement Screenvision will have exclusive selling and exhibition rights in the late pre-show and non-exclusive rights for promotions.   The deal represents Santikos’ first partnership with a cinema advertising company providing late preshow advertising.
Santikos currently operates eight theater locations and 106 screens in Houston and San Antonio. In San Antonio Santikos represents the majority of the market share in terms of total number of screens and box office revenue and operates the number one and number three most attended theatres in the market.  In Houston the Silverado 19 Imax is the fourth busiest theatre in the market in terms of box office revenue per screen.
  “The deal with Santikos furthers our reach in key Southwest markets and further underscores the value top exhibitors see in our ability to maximize their revenue potential from cinema advertising and promotions ” says Darryl Schaffer executive vice president exhibitor relations Screenvision.   “We are committed to providing our guests with a superior cinematic experience on every level and partnering with Screenvision on an enhanced national advertising program is in line with that mission ” says Art Seago Santikos Theatre COO. Santikos Theatres Screenvision ,1851
National Amusements Installing Sony 4K Systems ,2010-07-14,Sony Professional has signed an agreement to provide its digital cinema 4K-projection systems to National Amusements which operates more than 950 screens across the UK US and Latin America. The agreement will see National Amusement cinemas begin to deploy the 4K resolution projectors around the globe. This agreement is based on Sony’s digital cinema deployment direct partnerships with the major Hollywood studios. National Amusements operates the cinema chain Showcase in the UK and will be installing Sony Digital Cinema 4K systems across its 276 screens. Sony’s 3D digital projection system were to be installed in multiple screens across their circuit with an initial 24 to be fitted by the end of July to expand National Amusements existing 3D capability. In the US National Amusements provides cinema venues in Connecticut Massachusetts New Jersey New York Ohio and Rhode Island. 450 of its screens will be equipped with Sony Digital Cinema 4K projection systems and in South America 16 cinemas will benefit of the latest 3D technology. ,1852
China’s Wanda Cinema Line Adds Imax Theatres in time for Aftershock,2010-07-14,Wanda Cinema Line in China has announced an agreement to expand their relationship with the installation of three additional Imax systems in the cities of Quanzhou Wuhan and Dalian. These theatres are in addition to the four Imax locations the exhibitor already operates and the seven Imax locations it currently has scheduled to open. Five of the 14 Imax locations operated by Wanda Cinema Line were scheduled to be opened and available to consumers in time for last month’s release of Aftershock the first Chinese film to be digitally re-mastered into the Imax Experience. The agreement brings the total number of Imax theatres to be operated by Wanda Cinema Line by the end of 2012 to 14. The People's Republic of China is Imax Corporation's fastest-growing market with more than 50 Imax theatres scheduled to be operating in China by 2012. Wanda Cinema Line is committed to bringing the first-class visual and audio experience to its audiences which coincides naturally with the premium Imax experience. We are happy to witness the growing number of people in China who choose to go to Wanda Imax theatres says Jerry Ye general manager of Wanda Cinema Line. We also highly appreciate Imax's efforts to attract more people to their movies and begin to transfer Chinese blockbuster films such as the upcoming release of Aftershock the first Chinese language film to be released in the Imax format. We appreciate Imax's significant efforts in China and look forward to opening more locations with Imax in the months and years ahead. Speaking from the Shanghai International Film Festival Imax's chief executive officer Richard L. Gelfond says Our momentum in China continues as we build on existing relationships with high profile exhibitors and enter the business of releasing local language Imax releases. Wanda Cinema Line one of the largest operators of Imax theatres in Asia is an outstanding theatre operator and an excellent partner. We're proud to be associated with such a high profile brand as we continue to accelerate our network growth in the region. Gelfond says The release of Aftershock is made possible by the growth in the Imax theatre network in China the consumer demand for The Imax Experience and our ability to rapidly deploy theatres as a result of our digital projection technology. We are hopeful that Aftershock will be a springboard to additional in-language in-market films. ,1854
Alvernia Studios Acquires Cintel MillenniumHD Film Scanner,2010-07-29, Alvernia Studios situated near Krakow Poland has installed a High Definition MillenniumHD film scanner from Cintel.

 After extensive testing and evaluation of many film scanning solutions Alvernia Studios chose Cintel’s MillenniumHD film scanner fitted with 16mm and 35mm film gates SD and HD video outputs and coupled with a Pandora Pogle controller to provide a full digital dailies solution.

 Glen Castinho digital intermediate technician and colorist says “We reviewed a number of telecine and data-cine systems to be able to match our needs and giving us the flexibility beyond just dailies with high quality images.  Only MillenniumHD gave us the right combination of image quality speed and flexibility.  The internal color correction is extremely powerful too and having a future upgrade path to 2K and 4K resolutions at speeds up to 15fps was also very important to us.  In addition to this Cintel was able to provide a turn-key system with the Pandora Controller and other essential equipment all installed at the same time.”

 Simon Carter Cintel’s sales director says “Alvernia Studios is a magnificent facility the first new total studio facility that has been built for many years and kitted out with the highest quality equipment.  All housed in some stunning space-age architecture. We’re extremely proud to partner with Alvernia Studios and be part of this exciting project.”
 Cintel International 
Growing Number of Customers Take Delivery of Arri Alexa Cameras,2010-07-29,Alternative Rentals Arri CSC The Camera House Clairmont Camera Fletcher Camera Otto Nemenz International Sim Video Stargate Studios TCS VER Videofax and Video MTL are among the first companies in North America to take delivery of Arri’s Alexa cameras. This round of Alexa deliveries included cameras that were also shipped to independent vendors and operators around the United States giving ownership not only to traditional clients like rental houses but also to individual shooters. Reseller Abel Cine Tech has also played a significant role in reaching these new customers. With placements in New York Los Angeles Chicago Toronto and more Arri elected to spread the distribution of the new cameras broadly over the U.S. and Canada to fulfill a wide-range of demand. Says Bill Russell vice president of camera products “Demand for Alexa has been extraordinary. We are pleased that deliveries have begun and that our customers large and small are so happy with the quality built into each and every Alexa. As more cameras are delivered and tested our orders increase. As a manufacturer we couldn’t ask for a better response. We appreciate our customers’ patience and assure them that we are working hard to get their Alexas to them as quickly as we can.” Arri is also shipping in-camera the required hardware for the new Direct-To-Edit capability which through the use of Apple's ProRes 422 and ProRes 4444 codecs allows high fidelity footage to be recorded onto Sony SxS PRO removable media cards providing immediate availability of material into Final Cut Pro and Avid editing systems. A small number of Beta-test customers will pilot the DTE capabilities of the camera for a limited period of time to further evaluate performance and optimize the user interface for these new features. The full release of Alexa's DTE functionality will be made available to all customers as a firmware upgrade following completion of the Beta-test phase. New productions relying on Alexa include the television shows NCIS: Los Angeles No Ordinary Family Trauma Law & Order: Los Angeles and the Disney feature Prom. Alexa recently wrapped on director Roland Emmerich’s Anonymous and is currently shooting Martin Scorsese’s 3D production The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Arri ,1860
Ballantyne Strong Announces Sales in Peru and Chile,2010-07-29,Ballantyne Strong will provide NEC Digital Cinema projection systems and Ballantyne's MDI/Strong cinema screens to outfit twelve auditoriums for Cine Planet Peru's leading motion picture exhibitor and two for its Chilean subsidiary Cines Movieland. Ballantyne Strong has previously installed 23 NEC Digital Cinema projection systems for these customers nineteen in Peru and four in Chile. Fernando Soriano director general of Cine Planet says We have worked with Ballantyne Strong since our entry into the cinema business approximately ten years ago and have always relied on both the quality of their products and the excellent customer service they provide. As we enter the exciting new era of digital cinema it is natural that we will continue to rely on Ballantyne to expand our digital and 3D footprint and bring the latest movies and alternative content to our patrons. John P. Wilmers Ballantyne's CEO says Cine Planet and Cines Movieland have both achieved noteworthy growth and success as leading exhibitors in their markets. As with many other parts of the globe South America is undergoing a rapid transformation from analog to digital cinema. Under Fernando's leadership his Company is on the cutting-edge of technological change and we are delighted to play an integral role in their digital deployment by supplying state-of-the-art NEC projectors and our high quality screens. Ballantyne Strong Cine Planet ,1861
Barco DP2K Projectors Now Integrated with CineCanvas Subtitling Support,2010-07-29, Barco’s DP2K family of digital cinema projectors is now available with integrated CineCanvas subtitling support. The company says the new functionality can be installed via a simple firmware upgrade. Barco says it is the first digital projector manufacturer to offer this feature. Barco also announced that it has obtained full DCI compliance for its complete line of DP2K C projectors. Developed by Texas Instruments CineCanvas technology eliminates the need for distributors to make a special print for each language version which significantly lowers the cost of distribution for digital releases. Another plus is that it gives exhibitors access to a broader range of content and that it presents them with a much wider choice of server options. 

“Up to now Series 2 digital projectors depended on the cinema server to render movie subtitles. In practice this meant that subtitles sometimes had to be “burned” into each release and for each individual language version. It goes without saying that this process is not only very costly but also forms a potential source of readability and uniformity issues ” says Barco's digital cinema product manager Theodore Marescaux. Barco DP2K C digital projectors have been listed on the DCI website formally confirming their compliance in accordance with the DCI Specification. All three models (DP2K-12C DP2K-15C and DP2K-20C) have successfully completed the DCI testing procedures carried out by testing agency CineCert. The compliance procedure for Barco's large chip DP2K B projectors is ongoing. An official communication announcing the certification of Barco's entire digital projector portfolio – the most complete offering of digital cinema projectors available today - is expected very soon. By integrating CineCanvas subtitling support into its latest digital cinema projectors Barco managed to eliminate these shortcomings. “Subtitling overlay can now be done inside the projector itself thereby eliminating interoperability issues and providing a uniform look across all theater screens ” says Marescaux. 

Barco's latest firmware upgrade with CineCanvas support is immediately available. It can be downloaded from Barco's online customer portal at ,1862
Cinemark to Open Twelve Screens in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania,2010-07-30,Cinemark plans to open a new cinema at Stroud Mall in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania that will feature 12 screens all stadium seating digital surround sound and include a Cinemark XD: Extreme Digital Cinema auditorium. The current five-screen theatre location at the mall will be redeveloped to accommodate the new theatre. Construction is expected to begin this fall and be completed by the end of 2011. The new 12-screen Cinemark Theatre will become one of four major anchors at Stroud Mall which is the only enclosed shopping center in the Poconos and features over 65 specialty stores including Aéropostale PacSun Christopher & Banks Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret. The mall is owned and operated by CBL & Associates Properties which owns holds interests in or manages 161 properties including 86 regional malls/open-air centers. This new location will provide Stroudsburg and the surrounding area with a premier entertainment destination featuring state-of-the-art technology and first-class amenities says Stephen Lebovitz president and chief executive officer CBL & Associates Properties Inc. This addition represents another step in our ongoing commitment to enhancing Stroud Mall and furthering its long-term success. This theatre will feature one of our new extremely popular concepts a Cinemark XD auditorium says Alan Stock Cinemark's chief executive officer. ,1865
Ted Gagliano to Receive Hollywood Post Alliance Lifetime Achievement Award,2010-07-30,Ted Gagliano president of 20th Century Fox feature post-production will receive the Hollywood Post Alliance’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the HPA Awards in November.  The Lifetime Achievement Award pays tribute to well-respected individuals who have made a significant contribution to the post-production industry.   Gagliano has been at Fox since 1991 and was named president of post-production in 2001.  At Fox his responsibilities include oversight of the completion of all films from 20th Century Fox’s five film divisions: Fox Main Division Fox 2000 Fox Searchlight Fox Animation and Fox Walden.  Currently 20th Century Fox has over 25 films in production and post-production.   Recently Gagliano oversaw the complex post-production of the groundbreaking film Avatar. More than 100 different delivery versions of Avatar - an unprecedented number - were created for the December 18th day-and-date release in 102 countries.  There were 18 different versions of Avatar created for the domestic market plus an additional 92 for international markets which were released in 47 languages.  The international versions included more than 52 subtitled and 18 dubbed versions on film 58 subtitled and 36 dubbed versions in digital 3D nine subtitled and eight dubbed versions in digital 2D and 23 subtitled and 15 dubbed versions for Imax all optimized for different screens sizes. In the same way the accomplishments associated with the successful completion of Avatar are revolutionary and significant in the discipline of post-production. The post-production process had to manage developments from physical production the evolving 3D and visual effects pipeline and tactically execute one of if not the most ambitious delivery requirements in the history of cinema. Leon Silverman president of HPA says “Ted Gagliano’s contributions to post-production reflect his significant leadership skills during a career in which our industry has undergone profound creative technological and business change. Ted’s personal style his eager embrace of new tools and methods and his ability to navigate both within the studio and creative community have earned him deep respect and trust from some of our industry’s most influential filmmakers and executives. While Ted has attained a level of professional stature that has come through years of hard work and significant accomplishment he has always stayed close to the post community who is so proud to be honoring him with this award.” Gagliano a comparative literature graduate of Princeton University began his professional career at Paramount Pictures New York where he was the 3D technical coordinator for Friday the 13th Part III. In 1981 he moved to Los Angeles where he was named manager film library services.  In that role he supervised restoration mastering and versioning of Paramount’s famed film library.  In 1986 he moved over to the feature and television post-production department.   Over the course of his career he has overseen post production on such diverse films as Independence Day Titanic Moulin Rouge Master & Commander Walk the Line and both the X-Men and Ice Age franchises.  He has a particular fondness for his role in supervising the film restoration for the special edition of the original Star Wars trilogy. In addition to his work as a movie studio executive Gagliano has produced a number of theatrical plays music videos and original songs. The HPA Awards ,1869
Imax Makes Investment in Laser Light Engines,2010-07-30,Imax has signed a memorandum of understanding with Laser Light Engines a leading developer and manufacturer of ultra-high brightness laser-driven light sources. Under the terms of the agreement Imax plans to make an equity investment in Laser Light Engines and Laser Light Engines would develop a custom version of its laser light technology for exclusive use in Imax digital projection systems as well as provide additional outsourced research and development for new features that will further enhance and distinguish The Imax Experience for Imax theatre operators film studios and moviegoers. As part of the parties’ contemplated partnership Laser Light Engines would offer its technology exclusively to Imax for a period of two years and would not offer its technology to any other large format theatre systems for a period of three years.  The memorandum of understanding signed by Imax and Laser Light Engines gives the parties an exclusive period of time within which to reach final agreement on these and other terms. “Imax has always been at the cutting edge in terms of developing the most advanced theatre projection systems in the world as part of our focus on providing the best movie going experience anywhere ” says Richard Gelfond CEO of Imax. “Laser Light Engines is an ideal partner for Imax with a team of experienced executives and engineers who understand not only how to develop laser technology but how to apply it and implement it to create a meaningful product and profitable business.” Gelfond says “As contemplated this equity investment provides us with exclusive rights to the products and research and development pipeline in a period of significant growth in our industry while enabling Laser Light Engines to further develop their technology and attract additional investors. We believe our business model is positioning us to generate significant cash over the next several years and this strategic investment is an example of how we are looking to put our cash to work to enhance our market leading reputation for quality presentation further expand our competitive differentiation and harness the growth in our industry.” “We are thrilled to be tapped by Imax Corporation which is strong validation of Laser Light Engines’ technology in the most demanding application of digital cinema and large format film presentations ” says Doug Darrow chief executive officer of Laser Light Engines. “Laser Light Engines looks forward to designing and developing systems and products that will best harness our high brightness solid-state illumination laser engines including but not limited to digital cinema large venue and others.”  Imax Corporation ,1870
International 3D Society to Present Harold Lloyd Award,2010-07-30,The International 3D Society will present the first Harold Lloyd Award at a ceremony in October. Suzanne Lloyd granddaughter of stereoscopic 3D pioneer actor and director Harold Lloyd will make the presentation. The award recognizes visionary individuals whose contributions have advanced the art and technologies of stereoscopic 3D.   My grandfather was always on the cutting edge of filmmaking ” says Lloyd chairman of Harold Lloyd Entertainment. “He poured his passion enthusiasm and creativity into his craft – and that was as true as ever the moment Harold picked up a 3D camera. He knew that 3D would become the medium of the future and spent decades capturing the world in this new and exciting way. I know my grandfather would be so very excited and honored to be a part of another momentous turning point in filmmaking. Harold Lloyd began photographing his friends and family such as Marilyn Monroe Humphrey Bogart Lauren Bacall and Ronald Reagan with a stereoscopic 3D still camera in 1947.  Lloyd also mastered the art of pin-up photography capturing models including Betty Paige. Lenny Lipton awards chairman and president Oculus 3D says Harold Lloyd's stature as a legendary star and filmmaker combined with his vision and passion for stereoscopic 3D make the presentation of our first Harold Lloyd Award truly an important occasion. Lloyd's Hollywood career spanned three decades and more than 200 movies as star director and producer.  He was ranked among the elite of Hollywood from the inception of filmmaking starting in silent film.  The Harold Lloyd Award honors his mastery of the film medium and that of those who will be named recipients each year. Harold Lloyd not only understood and advocated 3D; he formed and was the first president of the Hollywood Stereoscopic Society in 1950. Lloyd not only believed in 3D he left us with the concept of a 3D Society. He pioneered the trail we travel today says Jim Chabin president of the International 3D Society. The International 3D Society ,1872
Kinopolis FTT and XDC Reach Agreement to Deploy 123 Digital Cinema Systems ,2010-07-30,German exhibitor Kinopolis German digital cinema service provider FTT in Germany and XDC have basically agreed on the terms for a deployment of 123 digital cinema systems at 15 cinemas.   Dr. Gregory Theile managing partner of Kinopolis says “We are delighted to have found in XDC/FTT a competent experienced and reliable partner for the conversion of our cinemas to digital cinema. The model offered by XDC represents the best solution in the market as far as our particular requirements are concerned and so we explicitly opted for this long-standing partnership. As the first cinema circuit in Germany we are setting the course for the digital future of the cinema by consistently equipping our cinemas with digital projection systems. The installations will already start this year and will be completed by the end of next year.”   Serge Plasch XDC’s chief executive officer says “After Kieft Group having this second major VPF deal in Germany is for XDC a very important milestone since Germany has always been a key market in our strategy. Kinopolis is a much respected exhibition circuit and we are very proud to have been selected for their digital roll out plan. This agreement also demonstrates the solidity of our business model which is the only one able to offer agreement with all the six majors US studios easy available financing and advanced knowledge in digital cinema technology.  Moreover this new deal results of the perfect integration and cooperation with FTT which has now the most comprehensive experience in digital cinema in Germany.’’   Egon Gräfen FTT’s managing director says “Kinopolis has already been among our major customers for a long time. We are therefore very proud that they have chosen us as their technical integrator and that we will also be able to continue our longstanding business relationship in the digital era.” ,1873
Industry Mourns the Passing of Manfred Klemme,2010-07-30, The industry mourns the passing of Manfred N. Klemme innovator and founder of K-Tek Boom Poles. Klemme who died July 2 was 71. Klemme a native of Canada had always been fascinated with photography and electronics. As a young man he worked at the local camera shop and often attended photo trade shows. It was at one such exhibition that he saw the representative for Hasselblad struggling with a jammed lens on their only show camera. Klemme calmly took the camera apart from the back forward unjammed the lens and put it back together. That act of generosity became his entry into the industry when he was offered a job in pro industrial audio and video at Braun Electric. In a few years he realized his passion for audio and was hired by sound recorder pioneer Nagra-Kudulski. This move brought Klemme and his family to Hollywood where he worked to make Nagra recorders the standard for motion picture audio production. Klemme’s brilliant mind and warm demeanor earned him the trust and friendship of customers and colleagues alike. In the mid-80s his friend Ed DiGiulio of Cinema Products hired him to become marketing manager for the successful Steadicam camera stabilization system. However Klemme realized his real passion was for audio technology and in 1994 he opened an office in North Hollywood to distribute Sonosax mixers and recorders in the USA. In the office next door was his long-time friend Mike Denecke. The two collaborated and introduced many time-code innovations to the industry. The 1999 Prime Time Emmy Awards honored Klemme for Outstanding Achievement in engineering development for his contribution to the DCODE TS-1 Time Code Slate. Believing that the sound industry needed a local manufacturer focused primarily on products for the Hollywood professional he introduced M. Klemme Technology Corp. His first product the K-Tek boom pole became an instant success and earned a 1998 Technical Achievement Award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. His company went on to design a comprehensive line of modular boom poles including the patented articulated pole as well as audio and camcorder accessories. Klemme enjoyed working closely with his capable daughter Brenda Klemme Parker who became the company’s president in 2006. In 2010 Klemme was honored for his contributions to the industry with the coveted President’s Award from the Cinema Audio Society. At the heartfelt ceremony he was greeted with a well-deserved standing ovation from the entire audience. Klemme was enthusiastic about his life’s work and was an avid boater and pilot. However his real passion was for his loving wife of 49 years Ora Lee his three children and two grandchildren. He will be missed. ,1875
Maya Indie Film Series Tours the Country,2010-07-30,The Maya Indie Film Series launched its second annual eight-city tour in Dallas on July 23 before traveling to New York on August 6.  The series which debuted last summer will bring six critically acclaimed Latino-themed films to the top eight U.S. markets: New York Los Angeles Chicago Miami Dallas Washington D.C. San Jose and San Diego.  The six films in the series include: The Kid: Chamaco Genre: Drama Language: English/Spanish Country: Mexico Director: Miguel Necoechea Cast: Martin Sheen Kirk Harris Alex Perea Danny Perea Michael Madsen A father and son both skilled boxing trainers are forced to overcome their vast differences in order to train a young yet talented Mexican street fighter with big dreams and empty pockets. Morelia International Film Festival 2009 Palm Springs 2010 San Diego Latin Film Festival 2010 Backyard Genre: Thriller Language: Spanish Country: Mexico Director: Carlos Carrera Cast: Jimmy Smits Ana de la Reguera Joaquin Cosio Since the mid-90's thousands of women in border-town Juarez Mexico have disappeared or been murdered.  Can new police captain Blanca Bravo put an end to the savagery? Toronto International Film Festival 2009 Vancouver 2009 Mexico's Official Submission to the 79th Academy Awards Chasing 3000 Genre: Family / Sport Language: English Country: USA Director: Gregory J. Lanseley Cast: Ray Liotta Rory Culkin Trevor Morgan Tania Raymonde The true story of two brothers that drive cross-country to see their hero baseball great Roberto Clemente get his 3 000th hit in 1972. Diva/In Therapy Genre: Comedy Language: Portuguese Country: Brazil Director: Jose Alvarenga Jr. Cast: Lilia Cabral Jose Mayer Reynaldo Gianecchini Caua Remond Alexandra Richter Eduardo Lago On the psychiatrist couch a 40-something mother of two questions her life marriage and professional dreams with both humorous and devastating results. Tropica De Sangre Genre: Biopic Language: English / Spanish Country: Dominican Republic Director: Juan Delancer Cast: Michelle Rodriguez Juan Fernandez Cesor Evora Based on the true story of the Mirabal sisters politically vocal activists assassinated in 1960 while fighting to topple Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo's bloody and oppressive reign of power. Solo Quiero Caminar Genre: Thriller Language: Spanish Country: Spain / Mexico Director: Agustin Diaz Yanes Cast: Diego Luna Jose Maria Yazpik Elena Anaya Victoria Abril Four streetwise women plan a dangerous double-cross against a band of violent Mexican drug traffickers. For information about dates and locations visit the Maya Indie Film Series website. ,1876
NEC Projectors Get Full DCI-Compliance Certification,2010-07-30, NEC has announced that its entire line of digital cinema projectors is the first in the industry to reach full Digital Cinema Initiatives compliance. The new projectors include the NC1200C at 9 000 lumens of brightness for screen sizes of up to 46-feet wide the NC2000C at 17 000 lumens for screens up to 65-feet wide and the ultra-bright NC3200S at 31 000 lumens for screens up to 105-feet wide.

 The tests were completed by the Research Institute for Digital Media and Content at Keio University (hereafter DMC) in Japan which is one of three entities licensed by Digital Cinema Initiatives LLC to perform the CTP tests. NEC’s digital cinema projectors were certified in
Digital Cinema System Specification Version 1.2 as of March 7 2008 and DCSS CTP Version 1.1 as of May 8 2009.

 “We are beyond proud to be the first digital cinema manufacturer to have achieved this significant accomplishment ” says Pierre Richer president and COO of NEC Display Solutions.  “To have a full product line that meets the needs of today’s exhibitors is not only essential but expected. NEC continually proves its place in the industry by capitalizing on stringent standards and providing innovative programs to enhance our products.”

 “We are very pleased to confirm that all the NEC digital cinema projectors (NC1200C NC2000C and NC3200S) featuring Texas Instruments’ Series 2 DLP Cinema technology have passed all the requirements of the CTP ” says Kunitake Kaneko assistant professor of DMC. NEC ,1877
North Carolina Broadens Film Tax Incentives,2010-07-30, North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue has signed a new 25 percent film incentive into law that took effect last month. The new legislation broadens qualifying expenses including but not limited to labor fringe benefits (including health pension and welfare contributions); per diems stipends and living expenses; most importantly it raises the overall project eligibility cap from $7.5 million to $20 million per project. 

 The new legislation also repeals the corporate income tax on incentives taken by production companies. Productions can begin taking advantage of this incentive immediately and file on their 2011 taxable year return. 

Gov. Perdue visited Los Angeles film executives in March to promote the legislation. The motion picture industry brought more than $326 million in direct spending to North Carolina over the past three years. “North Carolina is a top destination for film and television. It turns the economic engines in our state. Our incentive is strong and competitive because we’re serious about bringing business to North Carolina. We have excellent crew here. They’re considered among the best in the business ” says Aaron Syrett director of the North Carolina Film Office.  

 During the past 27 years North Carolina has been home to more than 800 films and 15 television series. Most recently North Carolina served as the backdrop for Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Leatherheads and Nights in Rodanthe.  For six seasons North Carolina was home to the WB's Dawson's Creek. Last month the CW's One Tree Hill started filming its eighth season in the state.

 North Carolina Film Office ,1879
QSC Releases DCP 100 Digital Cinema Processor,2010-07-30,QSC Audio Products has released the DCP 100 Digital Cinema Processor which provides complete signal processing and monitoring functions in a single integrated rack-mount system. The DCP 100 offers many of the same features as the DCP 300 but at a lower price and is designed for six to eight channel systems that do not require CobraNet network audio distribution or 16 input channels. “In addition to cinema audio processing the DCP 100 also provides booth monitoring and digital crossovers in an integrated package that provides network control and monitoring of DSP amplifiers and loudspeakers ” says Barry Ferrell senior director of cinema solutions at QSC. “Moreover there are thousands of theaters around the world that are equipped with DCM-1 and DCM 10 monitor as well as DCA amps. By replacing the DCM monitors with the new DCP 100 theater operators not only upgrade to D-Cinema audio but they also get complete network control and monitoring of their existing DCA amps and loudspeakers.” Designed for use with QSC's Digital Cinema Amplifiers and featuring advanced DSP presets for QSC's Digital Cinema Speakers the DCP 100 optimizes loudspeaker performance while simplifying cinema sound system wiring and configuration. While maintaining many of the features of a DCP 300 the new DCP 100 Digital Cinema Processor includes inputs for up to eight audio channels and provides crossovers for three passive or bi-amplified screen channels. Network control and monitoring via SNMP is standard. The DCP 100 is ideal for cinema systems with three screen channels and two or four discrete surround channels. The unit is also compatible with analog cinema processor formats including Dolby Digital Surround-EX and DTS-ES and features an eight-channel analog input for integration with 35mm audio systems. The DCP 100 has a suggested list price of $6 000. ,1880
The Karate Kid Premieres in the UK at the Odeon,2010-07-30,The UK premiere of Sony Pictures’ The Karate Kid was held at the famous Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square. The premiere was presented using the theatre’s Sony Digital Cinema 4K projection system. In addition to the premiere  movie was also released to theatres worldwide as a 4K Digital Cinema Package. The film centers on the story of Dre Parker a 12-year old who moves with his mother from Detroit to China. After making a connection with his new classmate Mei Ying Dre makes enemies with the class bully Cheng. Dre knows only a little karate and in the land of Kung Fu Cheng puts the karate kid on the floor with ease. With no friends in a strange land Dre turns to the maintenance man Han a secret master of Kung Fu. As Han teaches Dre that Kung Fu is not about punches and parries but maturity and calm Dre realizes that facing down the bullies will be the fight of his life. Oliver Pasch head of digital cinema Europe at Sony Professional says “Karate Kid is the latest title which reinforces Sony’s position as being at the forefront of innovative cinematic experiences. It’s been our absolute pleasure to support this premiere screening at such a famous cinema in the heart of London with our 4K projection equipment delivering the movie to the audience as it was meant to be seen.” Rory Bruer president of worldwide distribution for Sony Pictures worldwide marketing & distribution says “The story of The Karate Kid is a timeless classic and one which we wanted to bring up to date by using the best projection technology available. Sony’s fantastic projection system means viewers get incredible detail and clarity something which is absolutely essential for a fast action packed film.” ,1881
Lionsgate and XStreamHD Enter Long-Term Distribution Agreement,2010-07-30,XStreamHD has entered into a long-term electronic sell-thru and video-on-demand home entertainment distribution agreement with Lionsgate. The agreement will enable XStreamHD to offer its customers the ability to digitally purchase or rent the latest HD releases from Lionsgate as well as provide access to Lionsgate's content library of over 12 000 titles. Our partnership with XStreamHD presents us with a new opportunity to distribute our content in the digital marketplace says Lionsgate executive vice president of distribution and digital Jon Ferro. Our decision to distribute our titles through XStreamHD reflects our commitment to offer consumers the highest quality home entertainment and access to our enormous library of titles. We are excited to provide our customers with access to Full HD digital cinema on the DVD release date from the Lionsgate library of daring original and high quality titles says George Gonzalez president and CEO of XStreamHD. Our customers will enjoy unparalleled digital quality access and convenience to HD entertainment without the hassles associated with slow Internet downloads or limited retailer inventory. XStreamHD ,1882
What is the Future of the 3D Surcharge?,2010-08-12, In an admittedly unscientific and random survey we posed this question to exhibitors and movie patrons on various social media sites: How much longer will you pay/charge a premium to see a 3D movie? Here are some of the responses: Rod Sterling chief engineer
 JVC Technology Center The content is vastly different in quality agreed and some movies are worth it. But there are other things that are driving this as well. I’ve been to too many showings where the left and right eyes were reversed and I had to wear my glasses upside down. I complain to management some take it serious; others have no idea what you are talking about. This goes for digital and film based. I have seen one eye is correct and other eye the filter or glasses are rotated 90 degrees to cause ghosting in one eye.
If you want to charge a premium for 3D (or any other content) it had better be a premium system with content that is done correctly glasses that match the content and overall a better experience than the non-premium screen next to it don’t forget the audio as well.
3D is a system more than 2D and needs to be treated as such. You can have a great movie and shown poorly. We need more education to NATO and others if they want to continue to gain additional revenues.
I would even recommend creating a mastering logo or such that lets the customer know if real 3D or converted. I’m sure some directors would be for this Cameron as an example but the studios may not. This is also running into the homes as we see poorly done home systems and we don’t want to kill 3D because we did not show the effort to do it correctly.
 Tom Bert product marketing manager Barco I heard someone recently compare 3D movies with a trip to Disneyland. If it's something you don't do often you're thrilled about the trip and willing to pay the extra ticket fee. 
If you would go to Disneyland weekly after a while you'll start missing your local fair. 

I'm not a believer of 3D becoming the norm for watching any content in the coming years. The curve of available 3D content is somewhat overshooting now but will flatten out in the coming years. 

I'm afraid that all efforts from the 3D TV makers to push it in the home won't work. People don't want Disneyland in their living room; they want it to remain a special family event. What's better than a trip to your local cinema theatre (popcorn included of course ;-)) 

All this to come to the answer to your question: as 3D movies should/will remain something off the ordinary paying a premium will never be a problem. Adam MacDonald senior sales manager Datasat Digital Entertainment Great question and it really poses a problem. Many of the larger cinemas have done/are doing great business on 3D in many cases getting a return on their investments and before too long paying off their equipment. 

So in time they can and no doubt will reduce or stop charging for glasses or 3D premiums. But then what about the many many smaller sites and independents who are yet to get 3D? When they eventually do they will not really have a unique selling proposition over their rivals and if the have to charge and their rivals are not charging where does that leave them? 

Like the whole industry at the moment more questions than answers. Bernard Mendiburu strategic adviser Volfoni It's just like organic marketing and green washing. Paying a premium for organic food is okay Paying a premium for organic-labelled chemically loaded soap is not. Now the question is will there be a 3D quality label? I doubt it. And will the audience sort it out? My bet is that they'll wait for word of mouth. It's an especially damaging move when 3D screen scarcity reduces the box office window to two weeks four at best. The golden goose is still alive but there are a couple foxes in the hen house. ,1886
AMC Opens ETX Theatre in Kansas City Missouri,2010-08-12,AMC has opened a new Enhanced Theatre Experience at the AMC BarryWoods 24 in Kansas City Missouri. “We are proud to offer our ETX concept at one of our theatres in our hometown ” says John McDonald executive vice president U.S. operations. “With the upgraded screen and sound system in addition to the premium viewing experience digital cinema offers we believe our guests at AMC BarryWoods 24 will walk away with a new perception of how movies should be delivered.” AMC Theatres ,1887
Arts Alliance Media to Digitize Spain’s Yelmo Cines,2010-08-13,In what is the largest digital cinema deal to date in Spain Arts Alliance Media and Yelmo Cines have reached an agreement to digitize Yelmo’s chain of 31 cinemas. The arrangement includes all the financing to procure the equipment allowing the rollout to begin immediately. Yelmo Spain’s leading local exhibitor will install digital systems in 370 screens under this deal. In Phase One of the rollout at least half of Yelmo’s screens at each location will be converted to digital with the remainder to be installed over the following months. The announcement follows the deals struck between AAM and Yelmo over the past two years under which several screens have already been installed. AAM has recently announced the opening of an office in Barcelona to represent AAM’s business in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. The installation and maintenance will be carried out by AAM in conjunction with local Spanish integrator Grupo Kelonik. All screens will be 3D capable and will receive AAM’s theatre management system software and library management server. Sites will also be equipped with satellite receivers in cooperation with AAM’s partner Arqiva for the receipt of digital prints and live events. The rollout will be achieved with financing provided by AAM through a €50 million investment from funds advised by Sankaty Advisors the credit affiliate of Bain Capital for digital cinema conversion announced earlier this year. The deployment with Yelmo in Spain is AAM’s seventh announced territory following deals in the UK (Cineworld and Reel) France (CGR) Italy (The Space) Holland (ABC) Denmark (Denmark Digital) and in Norway via its JV Nordic Digital Alliance.   Fernando Evole CEO of Yelmo Cines says “The results we have had from digital cinema over the last two years particularly in terms of bringing 3D to customers and also in the opportunities brought to us from alternative content have convinced us to digitize our entire circuit. Our experience with Arts Alliance Media has also proven to us that they are the right long term partner.” Howard Kiedaisch CEO of Arts Alliance Media says “Yelmo has been a leader in digital not only in Spain but also in Europe and has always provided the best experience to their customers.  We have enjoyed a great working relationship with Fernando and his team and are thrilled to be selected to work with them going forward.” Spain currently has around 300 digital screens approximately 80 percent of which are 3D-ready. Arts Alliance Media ,1888
Cinema Scene Marketing Network Reaches 170 Locations,2010-08-13,Cinema Scene Marketing has announced that its Digital Media Network has grown to 170 locations which account for an estimated 2 250 theatre screens across the US. The network now has more than 400 TrailerVision displays in 170 theatres offering studios and brands the potential to reach over 115 million moviegoers annually. Supported by NEC hardware Cinema Scene’s TrailerVision units play unique content including digitally enhanced movie trailers living posters and corporate ads complete with stereo sound and Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity with mobile users. “We continue to revolutionize the way studios and brands connect with moviegoers in the increasingly important theatre lobby. Advertisers find great value in our lobby network because it is interactive — almost personal — and research is confirming TrailerVision has greater recall when compared to traditional marketing vehicles available in the lobby space ” says Brad Derusseau chief technology officer of Cinema Scene Marketing. Recent installations into Carmike Cinemas Pacific Theatres Muvico Theaters and Rave Motion Pictures continue to broaden the network’s nationwide footprint and further Cinema Scene’s growth closer to its goal of 1 000-plus devices upon network completion. Cinema Scene Marketing ,1890
Cinemark to open Century Branded Theatre in New Mexico,2010-08-13,Cinemark has announced plans to open a new Century branded theatre in Rio Rancho New Mexico at The Village at Rio Rancho in time for the 2011 summer blockbuster season. The new Century Rio Rancho theatre initially will feature 12 screens with the ability to expand and add another four screens all stadium seating digital projection & sound and a Cinemark XD: Extreme Digital Cinema auditorium. The new XD auditorium will offer a complete entertainment environment featuring a large wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor screen plush seating and a custom JBL sound system featuring crisp clear digital sound. A Doremi server and a Barco digital projector will deliver the digital images. The XD auditorium will exhibit the newest movies every week including 2D and Real D-3D pictures. Finally the full service concession stand will complete the movie-going experience by providing customers with their favorite candy brands freshly popped popcorn and cold Coca-Cola fountain drinks. Cinemark currently operates four theatres in the Albuquerque market says Alan Stock Cinemark's chief executive officer. We are thrilled to construct a new state-of-the-art movie theatre for our guests in Rio Rancho. This new theatre will be a great addition and the perfect complement to our existing Century Downtown 14 and Century Rio 24 theatres. After many years of planning and working with City of Rio Rancho we are pleased to see the grading and infrastructure work having begun and the announcement of Cinemark as the theatre operator sets the tone for the first class Life-Style center at The Village says Robert Geringer president of Geringer Capital. As the developers we seized the opportunity to bring to Rio Rancho the new Presbyterian Hospital and The Village at Rio Rancho. The Village will bring a world class retail and civic experience to Rio Rancho and we are proud that Cinemark is the first of many announced participants in this shopping and entertainment destination. The Village at Rio Rancho is conceived to include a Main Street-themed pedestrian-friendly retail experience adjacent to the new Presbyterian Hospital. Cinemark ,1891
Cintel and Marquise Technologies Partner to offer Telecine Workflows ,2010-08-13, Cintel and Marquise Technologies have announced that Marquise’s Ocean controller will be distributed through Cintel and will fully support all Cintel telecines.

 Laurence Stoll CEO Marquise Technologies says “Since we developed the Ocean system we have repeatedly been asked by the user base if we can provide control for the Cintel products. We have built a good relationship with Cintel over the last few years and we are very pleased to have forged this partnership where we will support Cintel in the marketing and distribution of Ocean worldwide.”

 Simon Carter sales director Cintel says “There was a real need to provide our customers both new and existing with an alternative controller and color corrector for their machines and Ocean fitted the bill perfectly. Marquise Technologies demonstrated to us a true understanding of the requirements our customers had and we are extremely proud to be able to offer Ocean as a control system for all of our supported telecines data-cines and image processing products.”
Createasphere to Feature 3D Panel September 22nd in New York,2010-08-13,On September 22nd at the New Yorker Hotel in New York Createasphere’s Entertainment Technology Exposition will present a panel of 3D experts and will explore diverse topics including how to successfully execute artistic vision in 3D the cinematographer and 3D and building a viable 3D end-to-end workflow with successful post-production. Panelists include Dimitris Athos of UVPhactory; cinematographer Geoff Boyle; Chris Crescitelli of Hello! 3D The Dream Factory and 3DFF; Jan Crittenden Livingston of Panasonic; Mark Pederson of Off Hollywood; Jerome Thelia of Merge; and Rob Willox of Sony.  The panel will be moderated by Digital Cinema Report editor and publisher Nick Dager. The 3D panel is just one presentation over the course of two days of quality panels exhibition and education.  Red Alexa Canon workshops and intensives are all on tap along with a number of US product premieres.  Createasphere’s Entertainment Technology Expo will be held September 21-22 with education panels a sold-out trade show floor and extensive networking opportunities. Kristin Petrovich Kennedy president of Createasphere says “With this varied and experienced group of panelists our audience is definitely in for a rousing discussion and I am certain insights that can only come from working in the real world in 3D.”   For more information about Createasphere Entertainment Technology Exposition New York and registration visit   ,1894
UltraStar Cinemas to Install D-Box Seats in Scottsdale Theatre,2010-08-13,D-Box Technologies has announced an agreement with San Diego-based UltraStar Cinemas to equip its new Scottsdale Arizona theatre with 26 D-Box MFX seats. The new Scottsdale UltraStar Cinemas is the sixth location for the theatre chain as well as the second site in the state to offer the incredibly immersive D-Box motion experience. The new movie theatre is scheduled to open this fall. This is our sixth movie theatre with UltraStar Cinemas says president and chief executive officer of D-Box Technologies Claude Mc Master. They have been a longstanding partner and supporter of our motion technology from the very beginning. As demand for D-Box continues to rise we expect to announce our expansion into many more new markets in North America and abroad. The team here at UltraStar Cinemas could not be more pleased with our partnership with D-Box. After a full year of operating D-Box's motion system in my theatres I can truly say that this is a technology that has made an impact and a difference in our business. Our current installations successfully draw guests from miles around and continue to generate additional income. It only made business sense to expand our D-Box offering says Damon Rubio executive vice president of Operations UltraStar Cinemas. D-Box ,1895
enkHouse Partners with KiwiTech to Develop Enhanced Books ,2010-08-13, Brown Books Publishing Group digital division enkHouse has announced the launch of its joint venture with KiwiTech to develop enhanced eBooks and film-based applications. The launch comes within days of Penguin Publishing and Starz Entertainment releasing their first “amplified eBook Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth.  
 Rakesh Gupta CEO and founder of KiwiTech also founded and led Aptara Corporation the largest eBook publishing services company in the world. “This alignment gives us tremendous opportunities to enter new markets especially the film-to-enhanced-eBook market ” says Gupta. “Our companies are a good team sharing entrepreneurial spirits and decades of innovative work across the media spectrum.” EnkHouse is led by David Marlett a film industry consultant screenwriter and producer who is himself an author. His first novel will be published by Brown in the fall. He comes to enkHouse as Transmedia Producer a new designation of the Producers Guild of America. “The three keys to a successful enhanced eBook are content content content ” says Marlett. Having been represented by William Morris Endeavor he has over twenty years of experience writing and consulting on screenplays and productions for studios and producers such as DreamWorks Arnold Kopelson and Michael Ovitz. “This is an exciting time for writers publishers producers and developers alike ” says Milli Brown CEO of Brown Books a publisher with fifteen years of growth in the traditional print industry with thousands of books published. “We complement the digital team with a rich tradition of distinctive print books.” “Besides bringing print books alive in ways almost never before seen ” says Marlett. “enkHouse and KiwiTech are uniquely positioned to provide film and television producers with fresh marketing and new distribution opportunities for content they already own. Similar to how interactive DVDs and 3D technology revolutionized storytelling in cinema enhanced eBooks will revolutionize how we read a book and hear about upcoming movies.” “You’ll not only read your favorite book on your ereader ” says Marlett “but you will interact with it by bringing up images music and videos—transforming the written story into a multi-dimensional experience.”  In addition ereaders will get updates and news about film adaptations and more pushed right to their smart phones or tablet computers. “Basically if a movie and a book hooked up their love child would be an enhanced eBook ” he says with a wry smile. enkHouse KiwiTech