Barco Offers New Digital Cinema Projector Certification Classes

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Mon, 06/13/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Barco has added two new classes Projector Operations and Basic Troubleshooting and Theatre Systems Integration to augment its existing curriculum of installation operations and service training programs.  Taught by highly experienced industry professionals these classes complement the Center of Excellence’s current courses: Installation and Basic Maintenance and Advanced Diagnostics and Service.  The expanded curriculum will enable projector operators and designated theatre personnel to successfully install operate integrate service and troubleshoot Barco’s digital cinema projection systems. The new Projector Operations and Basic Troubleshooting course is a one-day certification class designed for theatre managers cinema owners booth technicians projectionists and other key personnel that are new to digital cinema.  Students will learn about the technology behind 2D and 3D digital cinema and receive detailed instruction on how to operate a Barco digital cinema projector utilize the touch screenCommunicator and perform troubleshooting and basic operator maintenance tasks. The new Theatre Systems Integration class is a Barco-exclusive course providing in-depth instruction about the entire digital cinema workflow.  This highly advanced four-day course strongly emphasizes hands-on participation and the importance of computer networking in the digital cinema domain.  Topics include theatre management systems projectors media players 3D systems automation systems light and color calibration equipment audio calibration equipment and pre-show content systems. The founding principle of the Barco University Center of Excellence is the importance of certification.  “By expanding our curriculum we are underscoring the fact that we offer a truly valuable portfolio of critical knowledge ” says Scott Nipper training manager for Barco North America.  “For each course students who obtain certification have achieved an extremely high standard of competency in installing operating servicing and maintaining our equipment.  Companies that employ these individuals can rest assured that they have been validated and verified as highly skilled certified personnel making them a valuable asset to their theatre operation.”