Barco Introduces News Theatre Management System

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Wed, 06/29/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Barco has released a new platform for end-to-end theatre management. Barco's Theater Management System fully integrates with Barco's digital cinema projection systems while remaining compatible with all leading playback server brands thus creating what the company says is a truly open asset management platform for digital cinema multiplexes. “The introduction of our brand-new Theater Management System is the result of more than five years of intensive R&D ” says Wim Buyens senior vice president of Barco's entertainment division. “This vast expertise has developed into a TMS platform that is not only highly dependable but also very intuitive to use. But what really sets our system apart is its smooth interoperability with all leading playback server brands and its easy integration with a wide range of content delivery solutions and ticketing systems.” “As an operator you have full remote control to schedule or start shows ingest content and manage your keys. In the day-to-day practice this means that you no longer need to go inside each individual projector booth all of the time which is a huge time saver ” says Jérôme Delvaux product development director at Barco. 

 Besides these remote capabilities the new Barco TMS also supports sophisticated media ingest. The system can easily be connected to external mass storage devices and is fully equipped to receive content through broadband communication or via satellite connection. 

 In addition Barco's TMS features advanced key ingest and management which simplify exhibitors' operating processes and facilitate show playout. Key ingest is made easy as the system automatically selects the relevant keys for a theater. Advanced key management also saves shows by notifying missing keys or time mismatches between show schedules and key time windows. 

 Finally the Barco TMS offers an easy-to-use solution for large-screen digital advertising. Exhibitors who have an agreement with an advertising agency can simply use the platform to transfer their advertising content automatically to their central content library.