Barco DP2K-20CLP Projector Receives BIRTV2016 Award

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Tue, 08/23/2016 - 11:28 -- Nick Dager

Barco’s DP2K-20CLP laser phosphor cinema projector has been presented with the 2016 Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Equipment Exhibition’s special product award. The Barco DP2K-20CLP projector, which clinched the award this year, is the first laser phosphor projector based on China’s proprietary ALPD technology and the first to break 20,000 lumens.

Barco DP2K-20CLP laser projector"By leveraging our expertise in the field of laser illumination, we have formed a mutually complementary laser product line, becoming the industry leader and the first choice for cinemas when it comes to full laser solutions,” said Stijn Henderickx, global vice president of digital cinema at Barco. “The Barco RGB six-primary-color flagship laser projector is suitable for high-end cinema applications and offers unprecedented perfection in image quality. Even more, the Barco laser phosphor projector is designed for mainstream cinemas to help them reduce operation costs and deliver consistently excellent screening quality. Barco's full laser product offering is now very well developed."

"Working closely with CineAppo, we have completed laser retrofit upgrades and renovations for over 800 cinemas and orders for 900 more in Mainland China" said Dr. Xu Heran, general manager of CFG-Barco. "In addition, Barco has completed the L Series, BLP Series and CLP Series products, and is planning to successively launch ALPD laser source versions of SLP Series products to help more cinemas benefit from the advantages of laser projection as quickly as possible."

This year’s BIRTV exhibition will be held at China International Exhibition Center Beijing from August 24-27.