Barco, Bardan to Deploy 133 Digital Cinema Projectors in Latin America

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Tue, 10/22/2013 - 11:49 -- Nick Dager

Barco DP2K-10S digital cinema projector.Barco and digital cinema integrator Bardan Cinema are deploying 133 DLP Cinema projectors in Latin America, converting 62 existing screens and installing 17 new auditoriums by early 2014, in addition to 54 projectors already deployed.

For many years, Barco and Bardan have joined forces to help exhibitors in Latin America take advantage of a growing moviegoing population in Colombia, offering the latest digital cinema technologies and complete installation, customer service and technical support. Royal Films is selecting from Barco’s wide range of digital cinema from the compact, fully integrated DP2K-10S for smaller screens and the DP2K-32B for the exhibitor’s largest, premium screens.

“With Bardan’s endorsement of the support and technology offered by Barco we are confident they are the best choice for our success in digitalization,” said Habib Osman, CEO of Royal Films.

Barco will work with Bardan to deliver the full continuum of customer support, from site planning to projector selection, sales and installation, to comprehensive technical assistance.

“It has been our great pleasure to serve Royal Films throughout their decades of growth. Given the commitment to quality and service that we have seen from Barco over the years, we know they will prove to be the most reliable solution for our valued customer,” said Vilma Benitez, CEO of Bardan Cinema.

“We appreciate Royal Films for their forward-thinking strategy, which will ensure that this new generation of moviegoers enjoys the highest level of cinema entertainment,” said Ney Corsino, vice president for Barco Latin America. “Barco and Bardan have partnered on many successful deployments in Latin America, and are committed to serving the needs of Royal Films for the long term.”