Ballantyne to Install 100 Digital Projectors in Chinese Theatres

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Mon, 01/26/2009 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Ballantyne of Omaha says its Chinese subsidiary has received an order to supply and install 100 NEC digital projectors in theatres around China. The order comes as a tight credit market in the United States has slowed the implementation of a planned $1 billion-plus rollout of digital technology on about 20 000 movie screens in North America a precursor to showing movies in 3D. The order was placed by China Film Group an influential state-run film enterprise. China currently has about 6 000 movie screens. 3D is just starting to take off in China ” says Ballantyne senior vice president Ray Boegner. “I think China just wants to be seen as a leader in getting there. The average revenue per projector is between $45 000 and $55 000. About a quarter of the revenue for the order will be booked in the quarter to March with the remainder by May Boegner says. Ballantyne of Omaha