Avere Unveils Cloud-Core NAS System

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Tue, 09/20/2016 - 11:54 -- Nick Dager

Avere Systems today unveiled the Avere Cloud-Core NAS System. The company says the Avere C2N System is the only storage solution to combine the simplicity of network-attached storage (NAS) and the efficiency of object storage to deliver cloud-enabled infrastructure to the enterprise.

The Avere C2N System transforms traditional storage environments into cloud infrastructure that scales from 120 Terabytes to more than five Petabytes to provide an easy and economical path to the cloud. Unlike other object storage solutions that start at a petabyte or more, Avere offers an entry-point solution built for starting small and scaling to large capacities for demanding applications in media and entertainment, life sciences, financial services, technology and other high data-growth industries.

“Bardel needed a solution that would allow us to leverage our existing storage environment, while meeting the demands that come with producing industry-recognized animations,” said Eric Legaspi, director of IT at Bardel. “Avere’s C2N system provides us with an all-in-one solution that combines the simplicity of our existing NAS with the cost efficiency of object storage, enabling us to reap the benefits of object storage without changes to applications or workflows.” 

Most enterprises looking to adopt the cloud are faced with challenges such as unfamiliar access Application Program Interfaces, complex do-it-yourself solutions starting at a petabyte or more and public cloud data migrations that are difficult to execute, raising security concerns. The Avere C2N System addresses these complications by providing organizations with a cost-effective and manageable first step to cloud migration. By integrating private and public object storage with an organization’s existing NAS infrastructure, C2N allows enterprises to manage an entire heterogeneous infrastructure as a single, logical pool of storage.

“Cloud migration is the holy grail of enterprise storage, but making the move to the cloud involves many expensive and resource-intensive hurdles that can slow adoption,” said Jeff Tabor, senior director of product management and marketing at Avere Systems. “Avere’s C2N is the first of its kind and offers a stepping stone to object storage, transforming existing environments into cloud-aware infrastructure to accelerate performance and hide latency.”

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