The Aura Group Launches MovieConnect Facebook App

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Mon, 06/13/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The Aura Group has announced the official launch of its MovieConnect App for Facebook. The new media advertising and consulting firm has partnered with major Hollywood studios to use MovieConnect on Facebook which officially launched with the release of the film The Hangover Part II. The proprietary movie ticketing and showtime advertising technology claims to be the only application that allows for one-click movie times and tickets. Using it as an application on Facebook will allow film studios to upload the app onto a movie's fan page and allow fans to find theatres and tickets without leaving Facebook. “We are extremely pleased with the rapid growth of MovieConnect evolving from a banner technology to rich media and now as a user-friendly social application ” says The Aura Group president David Bailey. “With the use of the MovieConnect app new movies have the potential to go viral socially as millions of users invite friends and share comments and movie times.” The Aura Group has developed the MovieConnect app to be customizable by film studios and branded for specific movies.   Facebook users can access the application by visiting a movie's fan page.  With over 500 million users on Facebook movie fan pages with the MovieConnect app will be accessible to audiences around the world increasing consumer awareness of the featured movie and the company says ultimately providing an increase in box office profits. The Aura Group