Atlantik Film Migrates to Tapeless Workflow

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Fri, 09/05/2008 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Atlantik Film a Hamburg-based branch of CinePostproduction has migrated to a tapeless workflow. The core of the new tapeless workflow is a DVS-SAN for use as an online and near-line storage system complemented by a SpycerBox. Existing and new systems are integrated via switches and data connections. Atlantik Film's goal had been to increase the performance efficiency and throughput rate of its projects while simultaneously achieving a maximum level of data security. Roland Nethe supervisor digital lab for Atlantik Film says It was obvious to us that migrating to a tapeless workflow was the way to go. Since we are talking about the core of our workflow here it was important for us to find a dependable partner to enable us to troubleshoot potential problems quickly and reliably. DVS is this partner. Michael Bauer DVS sales director for Central Europe says We have been able to fulfill Atlantik Film's need for an ideal workflow. Thanks to the intelligent combination of Clipster DVS-SAN and the SpycerBox Atlantik Film now achieves a significantly higher performance. DVS systems not only reduce costs but they also eliminate waiting times permitting post producers to process a greater number of projects in parallel.