ArtTech Highlights Tibex Projector Lift and Boothless Cinema Ventilation Unit

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Thu, 03/28/2019 - 12:20 -- Nick Dager

Leading Polish cinema equipment and servicing company ArtTech is now the distributor of the Tibex T/WS projector lift and boothless cinema ventilation uniit, products that combine cost and space savings with the comfort of easy maintenance.

ArtTech, which has a portfolio of several hundred theatres, installs cinema projectors, screens and frames, step lights, complete sound systems, theater management systems, seating, and other products. It currently works with such leading companies as Dolby, Christie, Cinionic, Harkness, Martin Audio, LightSpeed Design, Master Image, Integ, Focux and many others.

According to ArtTech president Edward Tobiszewski, the Tibex T/WS Projector lift is intended for setting the projector on the back wall of a cinema auditorium in two positions: upper for film/movie projection and lower for service and maintenance works.  

“Using Tibex T/WS eliminates the necessity of building projection booths in the cinema and frees space ofr more seats in the auditoriums, which in turn reduces investment costs and boosts income during cinema operation,” he said. “The Tibex T/WS is a simple and sturdy construction with electric control and a screw drive. It is an easy to operate device, safe for the viewers thanks to application of optical and mechanical security systems. Its movements are precisely repeatable.”

Click here to see a short video about the Tibex T/WS

The device gives a smooth access to the projector, its secure mounting inside the housing called a box and the regulation of the projector's position. It can also accommodate a passive 3D system and other peripherals if necessary. The maximum load is 300 kg. There is no need for readjustments of the projector positioning after servicing. The turntable on which the projector is placed, gives easy access to all its sides without necessity of taking it out of the projector housing.

The inner foam layer of the housing insulates the sound coming from the projector. In the upper part of the housing, there are terminals for joining the flexible tubes used for the projector's air inlet and exhaust. Those are connected with the air conditioning system of the cinema hall. The waste air is extracted to the ventilation ducts, which makes it more hygenic. The whole construction is black matt powder coated. The Tibex T/WS lift can be fixed either to the concrete wall or any light wall with the proper load bearing.

The Tibex boothless cinema ventilation unit guarantees perfect ventilation of the projector placed in a lift regardless of cinema ventilation capacity. Built-in air filters extend the working life of the projector. The unit may be placed in the false ceiling void.  Click here to see a short video about the BCVU