Arts Alliance Arqiva Satellite Beam La Vida Loca to Cinemas across France

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Wed, 09/23/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Arts Alliance Media and Arqiva Satellite & Media successfully delivered La Vida Loca directly via satellite to 19 sites widespread across the Circuit George Raymond Cinémas’ megaplex circuit. CGR Cinémas is one of France’s largest cinema chains. La Vida Loca was released in France on September 30th by Ciné Classics. The film was directed by Christian Poveda and produced by La Femme Endormie. The film was encoded and encrypted into a JPEG 2000 DCP file by AAM’s London-based digital content processing laboratory and then electronically sent over a dedicated network link to one of Arqiva’s satellite teleport hubs based in the UK. From there it was delivered simultaneously via satellite directly to the library servers in each cinema in France. Then the file was unlocked for screening by a security key sent separately by email to each cinema via AAM’s bespoke automated KDM delivery system. AAM’s chief executive officer Howard Kiedaisch says “AAM’s electronic content delivery platform is proven and open for business!  Our thanks go to Ciné Classics and La Femme Endormie for giving us this great opportunity. Satellite delivery of films to cinemas is the bright new future for film distribution and exhibition and we are proud to be a first mover during these exciting times.” Arts Alliance Media