Arri Launches New Business Unit

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Wed, 03/29/2023 - 08:59 -- Nick Dager

The growing demand for high-quality virtual production, integration of systems, and development of efficient workflows has left many creatives and corporations searching for a reliable, global partner. To address this need, Arri is elevating its Arri Solutions division to become its own business unit and has established two new senior management positions.

The business unit is led by Kevin Schwutke, left, who focuses on the strategic and commercial direction, and David Bermbach, who is responsible for the technological backbone.The business unit is led by Kevin Schwutke, who focuses on the strategic and commercial direction, and David Bermbach, who is responsible for the technological backbone. Under their leadership, Arri Solutions will become the partner of choice for a wide range of studio owners, operators, producers, content creators, and corporate clients.

Arri Solutions designs, engineers, builds, and operates pioneering virtual production environments of all sizes, along with delivering integrated systems and cutting-edge workflows for corporations, broadcasters, and studios. 

Dr. Matthias Erb, chairman of Arri’s executive board said, “We are seeing great demand from our customers for our expertise in developing and delivering advanced, highly integrated solutions that ensure production value at the highest level. The appointment of Kevin Schwutke and David Bermbach to lead Arri Solutions will position this business unit alongside camera systems, lighting, and rental as a fundamental pillar of Arri’s long-term strategy.”

Schwutke, senior vice president and head of Arri’s business unit solutions said, “Arri already has a showcase of pioneering virtual production and broadcast studio projects all over the world. Establishing Arri Solutions as a business unit means we can expand our capabilities together with our partner network, ensuring we can not only meet, but exceed our customers’ expectations for efficient, effective, and state-of-the-art studio and production environments.”

Bermbach, Arri Solutions vice president and technical head said, “Arri’s heritage for quality and delivering the most authentic images is unparalleled in the industry. This deep understanding and expertise provide the foundation for our development of cutting-edge software, tools, and workflows, specifically designed for virtual production and ultra-modern studios.”


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