Arri Increases Brightness in L7-C LED Lights

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Thu, 12/18/2014 - 15:39 -- Nick Dager

Arri L7-CArri’s has increased the brightness in its top-of-the line LED fixture, the L7-C. Advancements in LED technology have allowed the L7-C to be updated with a new light engine – Light Engine 2 – making it more than 25 percent brighter than previous versions.

The company says this makes the L7-C is more versatile than ever, even though it still consumes only 160 watts and retains all the familiar great features such as tuneability from 2,800K-10,000K, green/magenta correction, hue and saturation control, and much more.

The complete line of L7s includes the L7-TT and L7-DT, as well as the new L7-C, making the L7 series one of the most feature-rich LED Fresnel product lines on the market. The L7 excels at accurately rendering a wide range of colors and producing a quality of light similar to that of its tungsten counterpart. All of these outstanding attributes allow lighting professionals to use the L-Series just like conventional light sources, with the added flexibility and versatility that Arri LED products bring to the table.

The L7-C with LE 2 (Light Engine 2) is now available in new L7-C fixtures. An upgrade for existing L7-Cs with LE 1 is also available. In addition, L7-C with LE 1 will still be available for sale for a limited time.