Arri Certifies Codex on ArriRAW T-Link

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Sun, 02/13/2011 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Arri has given an ArriRAW T-Link (Transport Link) certificate to Codex Digital confirming the ability of its recorders to record raw data from the Arri Alexa film-style camera. The certificate states that Codex Onboard Recorders meet rigorous standards set by Arri and can perform tasks required when using the Alexa camera in ArriRAW mode including recording the ArriRAW T-link stream showing a live preview while recording and playback of ArriRAW images. Codex Digital received a similar certificate in 2008 for recording ArriRAW from the Arriflex D-21 camera for the Codex Studio Recorder. Codex is prepared now to provide immediate support for productions using the Alexa camera with ArriRAW. Daruis Khondji was the first cinematographer to use the certified Codex Onboard Recorder principle photography of Amour started on February 7th in Paris. “This is good news for Codex but also for filmmakers who can now use the Alexa camera with ArriRAW in complete confidence ” says Codex Digital Managing Director Marc Dando. “There is now a proven means to record imagery from the Alexa camera and deliver it to post production in its optimal format ArriRAW.” “Codex Digital has great recording and workflow technologies to support raw data ” says Arri head of digital workflow solutions Henning Rädlein. “We are very pleased to provide Codex with this certification filmmakers can now take advantage of the superior quality and enhanced flexibility provided by Alexa and ArriRAW.” Codex Digital is the first maker of recording systems to receive Arri’s ArriRAW T-Link certificate for the Alexa camera. The certification permits Codex to use the certificate label on its products website and marketing materials. Codex Digital