American Society of Cinematographers Announces 2022 Award Nominees

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Wed, 01/26/2022 - 10:39 -- Nick Dager

The American Society of Cinematographers has named its annual Outstanding Achievement Award nominees in the categories of feature film, documentary, and television cinematography. Winners will be announced during the 36th ASC Awards on March 20. The ceremony will be a hybrid event, both in person and live streamed, at the historic ASC Clubhouse in Hollywood.

Feature Film, category sponsored by Keslow Camera

A scene from Belfast, cinematographer Haris Zambarloukos. Photo by Rob Youngson.Bruno Delbonnel, ASC, AFC for The Tragedy of Macbeth

Greig Fraser, ASC, ACS for Dune

Dan Laustsen, ASC, DFF for Nightmare Alley

Ari Wegner, ACS for The Power of the Dog

Haris Zambarloukos, BSC, GSC for Belfast

Spotlight, category sponsored by Panavision

Ruben Impens, SBC for Titane

Pat Scola for Pig

Adolpho Veloso, ABC for Jockey

Documentary, category sponsored by Sony

Jessica Beshir for Faya Dayi

Isabel Bethencourt and Parker Hill for Cusp

Daniel Schönauer for The Hidden Life of Trees

A scene from The Hidden Life of Trees, cinematographer Daniel Schönauer.Motion Picture, Limited Series, or Pilot Made for Television, category sponsored by Arri

Steve Annis for Foundation – Pilot Episode: The Emperor’s Peace

Tim Ives, ASC for Halston – Episode: The Party’s Over

James Laxton, ASC for The Underground Railroad – Episode: Chapter 9: Indiana Winter

Christophe Nuyens, SBC for Lupin – Pilot Episode: Chapter 1

Ben Richardson, ASC for Mare of Easttown– Episode: Illusions

Episode of a One-Hour Television Series – Non-Commercial, sponsored by Panavision

Stuart Biddlecombe for The Handmaid’s Tale – Episode: The Wilderness

David Garbett for Sweet Tooth– Episode: Big Man

David Greene, ASC, CSC for Chaplewaite – Episode: The Promised

A scene from The Underground Railroad, cinematographer James Laxton.Jon Joffin, ASC for Titans – Episode: Souls

Boris Mojsovski, ASC, CSC for Titans – Episode: Home

Kate Reid, BSC for The Nevers – Episode: Hanged

Episode of a One-Hour Television Series – Commercial, category sponsored by Red Digital Cinema

ç, CSC, NZSC for Snowpiercer – Episode: Our Answer for Everything

Tommy Maddox-Upshaw, ASC for Snowfall – Episode: Weight

Ronald Paul Richard for Riverdale – Episode: Chapter Eighty-Nine: Reservoir Dogs

Brendan Steacy, CSC for Clarice – Episode: Silence is Purgatory

David Stockton, ASC for Mayan M.C. – Episode: The Orneriness of Kings

Gavin Struthers, ASC, BSC for Superman & Lois – Episode: Heritage

A scene from Snowpiercer, cinematograapher James Laxton.Episode of a Half-Hour Television Series, category sponsored by Picture Shop

Marshall Adams, ASC for Servant – Episode: 2:00

Michael Berlucchi for Mythic Quest – Episode: Backstory!

Adam Bricker for Hacks – Episode: There is No Line

Paula Huidobro for Physical – Episode: Let’s Get Together

Jaime Reynoso, AMC for The Kominsky Method – Episode: And it’s Getting More and More Absurd

Last year’s ASC feature film winner was Erik Messerschmidt, ASC for Mank, who went on to win an Oscar for Best Achievement in Cinematography.

The Spotlight Award, which recognizes exceptional cinematography in independent, foreign, or art-house-type films went to Aurélien Marra in 2021 for TWO OF US.

The 2021 ASC Documentary Award went to Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw for The Truffle Hunters.

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