Alvin Wee Meets Mixing Deadlines with Nugen Audio Software

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Wed, 11/20/2019 - 11:06 -- Nick Dager

For as long as he can remember, producer/mixer Alvin Wee has loved music and film; and he was fortunate enough to cut his teeth working with composers and record producers in Los Angeles on film projects such as Kung Fu Panda, Kingsman and Eddie the Eagle. Having such a strong background in the industry, Wee takes pride in knowing that when someone hands a project off to him it will be done correctly, and well.

Alvin Wee, left, with composer Rendra ZawawiIn order to achieve results, Wee relies on Nugen Audio’s Producer bundle and Halo Upmix software. Wee’s introduction to Nugen began as things often do, by word of mouth.

“I was talking with industry friends and colleagues. I mentioned that I was looking for a specific product for a project I was working on, and one of them recommended Nugen,” he says. “Then, I was at a Grammy party and an engineer who is a monster in the business told me that Nugen’s meters are incredible, so I decided to check them out. I started using the Nugen plug-ins and, right off the bat, they did exactly what I needed. So, I just kept using them.”

Ideally suited for both mixing and mastering situations, Nugen’s Producer software provides Wee with a collection of highly flexible award-winning cross-platform plug-ins designed to increase the quality and efficiency of his productions.

“The Producer software has been incredibly useful for me,” he adds. “I love the Stereoizer; it’s my go to plug-in that I use on all my mixes and checks. It allows me to control all the low-end and make sure that a recording doesn’t get too wobbly or crazy. I can even make the high-end feel wider and more exciting. It works really well and is very intuitive. The Visualizer tool included in the bundle is also excellent as its meters are tremendous in helping me see what I’m doing.”

Additionally, Nugen’s Halo Upmix allows Wee to fine-tune his surround mixes. “When it comes to mixing for film, Halo Upmix is the single most helpful tool I have in my arsenal, ”he explains. “Composers and directors may not always have the ability, time or resources to capture in surround when they write or shoot, but Halo Upmix helps me add the breadth and width that’s expected of a big cinematic production. It allows me to match recorded and sample tracks to make sure they fit in the same physical space.”

According to Wee, “Nugen provides tools that do precisely what they say they're going to do; and they are easy to use. In my business, there is a lot of hurry up and wait because balancing schedules is very challenging. Sometimes a record label will need something a lot sooner than originally planned and my Nugen plug-ins are incredibly helpful in making sure I can get projects done on a moment’s notice if necessary.”