Alvernia Studios Acquires Cintel MillenniumHD Film Scanner

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Wed, 07/28/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Alvernia Studios situated near Krakow Poland has installed a High Definition MillenniumHD film scanner from Cintel.

 After extensive testing and evaluation of many film scanning solutions Alvernia Studios chose Cintel’s MillenniumHD film scanner fitted with 16mm and 35mm film gates SD and HD video outputs and coupled with a Pandora Pogle controller to provide a full digital dailies solution.

 Glen Castinho digital intermediate technician and colorist says “We reviewed a number of telecine and data-cine systems to be able to match our needs and giving us the flexibility beyond just dailies with high quality images.  Only MillenniumHD gave us the right combination of image quality speed and flexibility.  The internal color correction is extremely powerful too and having a future upgrade path to 2K and 4K resolutions at speeds up to 15fps was also very important to us.  In addition to this Cintel was able to provide a turn-key system with the Pandora Controller and other essential equipment all installed at the same time.”

 Simon Carter Cintel’s sales director says “Alvernia Studios is a magnificent facility the first new total studio facility that has been built for many years and kitted out with the highest quality equipment.  All housed in some stunning space-age architecture. We’re extremely proud to partner with Alvernia Studios and be part of this exciting project.”
 Cintel International