AlphaDogs Celebrates Sixteenth Year in Business

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Mon, 06/11/2018 - 12:33 -- Nick Dager

Terence Curren founded AlphaDogs in 2002 when he envisioned a future that would have a demand for more than just a conventional post-production facility. Sixteen years ago, the traditional business model was just beginning to show cracks as the falling costs of equipment led some producers to invest in their own. Curren believed talent would be the key ingredient to thrive in the technological world of the 21st Century.  A veteran editor and colorist by trade, Curren assembled an elite team of like-minded post-production professionals that brought the perfect balance of creativity and technical know-how to the table.  Sixteen years later, AlphaDogs continues to evolve with the ever-changing technology and needs of their clients.

AlphaDogs founder Terence CurrenAlphaDogs built its success on the most basic of business models: being professional while remaining personable. From the moment clients walk through the door, they feel right at home.   

“At AlphaDogs our clients become part of the team working in a collaborative environment to deliver the best quality possible on every project,” said Curren. “With the workflows and deliverables constantly changing, each project is carefully evaluated to determine specifically what the best approach is for finishing. There are no standard operating procedures in today’s world of post. Whether it’s standard HD, 4K or HDR it’s about providing effective post-production workflows that will save our clients both time and money. Our team of specialists help make the post process less painful and a bit easier.,” said Curren.

Tuning into industry trends and emerging post-production workflows, the AlphaDogs team enjoys sharing their knowledge by opening the facility doors to the production and post-production community each month for the Editors’ Lounge. Started in 2003, the Editors’ Lounge was established to provide educational seminars and panel discussions on the latest technology and developments in the post-production business as well as a chance to network with industry peers. 

Panels are recorded and available on The Editors’ Lounge website

Curren said, “The Editors’ Lounge was created out of having a true passion for the business. I wanted to provide an informal environment where people could be comfortable learning new things and sharing their ideas.”

Another service offered by AlphaDogs to assist in simplifying the post process is the Digital Service Station. Serving as an inexpensive “personal post-production assistant”, it was introduced to the market in 2004 as a means for independent producers to import and export media from tape to hard drive without having to rent expensive decks, and has grown to cover modern needs like LTO archiving and digital file conversion. The Digital Service Station offers services in multiple locations and continues to expand to cities across the United States and Canada. 

In addition, AlphaDogs also produces educational videos on the importance of using professional post-production services and recently released a three-part series titled Sound Advice From AlphaDogs. A follow up from their Why Color Correct two-part series, Sound Advice From AlphaDogs delves into basics of audio post-production in a fun and easy to understand format. Topics covered include: Removing Unwanted Noise, Building A Scene With Sound Design, and Audio Dialogue Replacement.

When asked what is the future of post- production Curren said, “It’s difficult to predict right now, but as long as there is a need for quality, we’ll thrive.”

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