AAM and MPS Now Offer Improved Digital Cinema Management System

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Mon, 06/16/2014 - 11:47 -- Nick Dager

Arts Alliance Media and Motion Picture Solutions are now offering a combination of the LANsat library management server and the Screenwriter Theatre Management System.

With Screenwriter installed on each LANsat server, exhibitors can now receive content and automated Key Delivery Messages sent electronically and manage content easily through an intuitive interface, distributing it throughout a site, ready to play out on screen. MPS recently acquired the Content Services division of AAM.

Advertising is also made even easier with LANsat and Screenwriter. Advertising content delivered straight to LANsat is automatically inserted into playlist templates built in Screenwriter, fully automating a previously time-consuming and error-prone process.

Eric Stevens, commercial director of Arts Alliance Media said, “Bringing the power of Screenwriter to the technology of LANsat means an unparalleled solution for exhibitors. Electronic and satellite delivery of content already makes exhibitors’ lives easier by eliminating hard drives with all the hassle of ingest and return they entail, and now receiving and distributing content in your cinema couldn’t be easier. Screenwriter’s automation functions mean staff can spend more time with customers, focusing on the cinematic experience.”

Simon Tandy, director of MPS added, “Receiving and managing content for your cinema is now as easy as operating your satellite box at home, but with all the quality and support you expect from a professional solution. With the increasing popularity of event cinema, LANsat makes it simple for any cinema to offer great content to the audience, either controlling it all themselves or taking advantage of a complete managed solution. Everything is web-based, meaning you can be in control of all your cinema’s content from wherever you are, and get content onto your screens with the absolute minimum of effort.”

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Motion Picture Solutions www.motionpicturesolutions.com