4DX to Debut in Portugal, Expand to East China

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Mon, 01/18/2016 - 12:25 -- Nick Dager

Passing 200 theaters in the world last year, CJ 4DPplex has announced that the company has signed contracts with NOS Lusomundo Cinemas in Portugal, and Shanghai Film Corporation and Bona Cinemas in China.

4DX’s partnership with NOS, the leading cinema operator in Portugal, will bring the very first 4DX auditorium to Southern Europe with auditoriums in Porto and Lisbon. Both 4DX theaters are scheduled to open in the first half of this year.

NOS Lusomundo Cinemas is currently operating 215 screens at 30 locations in the country, backed by NOS Group, the number one Portuguese communications and entertainment holding company whose main businesses include satellite and cable operations, mobile and fixed phone services, broadband and distribution of contents.

Luis Roboredo Mota, board member of NOS Lusomundo Cinemas said, “It’s very exciting that we can finally invite the Portuguese moviegoers to enjoy a new and unique immersive cinema experience. As the number one cinema company in the country, it is important for us to bring these experiences to our attendees, and we have confidence in our big success with 4DX in Portugal.”

In China, where 4DX is now available in 50 theatres through partnerships with 10 exhibitors, CJ 4DPolex has entered into a agreements with Shanghai Film Corp and Bona Cinemas, the country’s top-tier exhibitors. SFC is the country’s nineth largest cinema company, operating 252 screens at 39 locations in the East China region, and Bona Cinemas is the eleventh, operating 247 screens at 30 locations in China’s big cities including Beijing, Shanghai, and Xiamen where the company's first 4DX will launch. By these agreements, 4DX achieved partnership with 7 out of China’s Top 11 largest cinema companies.

“We believe our partnership with NOS will advance our discussions with many Western European exhibitors seeking higher revenue and premium brand positioning”, said Byung-hwan Choi, CEO of CJ 4DPlex. “Additionally, as SFC and Bona Cinemas are running the whole value chain from production to distribution and exhibition of films, we anticipate strong synergy that will pave the way for accelerated expansion of 4DX in the Shanghai and East China regions.”

CJ 4DPlex http://www.cj4dx.com 

NOS Lusomundo http://www.nos.pt

Bona Film Group Limited http://www.bonafilm.cn