3ality Digital Says Sports Driving its Growth

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Sun, 06/27/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

In recent months 3ality Digital has supported a growing number of high-profile sports broadcasts and production tests in the United States France Korea India Australia and the United Kingdom.

 “We have been working for years to design technology that is not only capable of delivering the accuracy necessary for comfortable stereoscopic 3D imagery but is also cost effective and intuitive to use ” says Steve Schklair CEO of 3ality Digital Systems the technology and production arm of 3ality Digital.  “Our camera rigs and image processing systems are designed to feel familiar to skilled television and film technicians; to require only a short bit of training to use; and to produce spectacular imagery in even the most dramatic of circumstances.  The result after deep due diligence by many broadcasters has been growing worldwide recognition that we are the clear choice when it comes to technology for live S3D sports production.” In recent months 3ality Digital’s systems have been used to enable soccer golf hockey boxing rugby snowboarding and cricket shoots around the world with partners that include Sony the National Hockey League DirecTV Madison Square Garden Cablevision the PGA BSkyB Orange SkyLife Nine Network Australia Imagica NEP and Telegenic. “We began focusing on 3D as a broadcast medium before anyone else in the industry ” says 3ality Digital head of -roduction Ted Kenney. “That unmatched experience has allowed us to design systems that are easily integrated with traditional broadcast production teams and that can keep pace with the fast-paced action on the field or the ice.”
 3ality Digital began making is state-of-the-art 3flex camera systems available for sale last year as part of the company’s continuing effort to expand the creation and distribution of live-action  stereoscopic 3D entertainment. 
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